Use your holiday with Muay Thai in Thailand is new destination

Thailand is a holiday destination valued for its amazing scenery, incredible hospitality, cultural and historical monuments and traditions that are centuries old. A trip to this incredible Asian country will definitely you make you come back for more.


Without any doubt, Thailand has something to offer to every visitor. For instance, the northern part of this country provides excellent hiking and trekking opportunities as well as trips to the ethnic groups and hill tribes that have preserved their unique customs. The eastern part of this country is a place where it is easy to find a great beach or island. The same goes for the southern part where you can find even more pristine sandy beaches, popular islands like Koh Samui and Phuket Island, waterfalls, forests and beach parties. In the west, you can explore the authentic, endemic wilderness of Thailand including elephants and so-called tiger temples. Finally, in the central part, you can feel the thrill of the typical Asian megalopolis by visiting the capital city of Thailand – Bangkok. This is also the place where you can witness the amazing combination of some traditional structures and modern shopping malls.

It is good to point out that the climate in this country is tropical, at least in most areas. The median annual temperature is 28 C. The cooler areas are in the north of the country in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai. On the other hand, the southern part and the central plains are quite hot throughout the year. in case you are not a big fan of very hot days, you can visit any part of Thailand between November and March. The humidity is lower at this period of the year.

Thailand is a country with a rich culture that has been affected by China, Laos, Cambodia, Burma and other significant Asian cultures in this part of the continent. The vast majority of Thai people are Buddhists and they respect their traditions and religion. This is a specific lifestyle that many Westerners find to be attractive and interesting. Thai people are calm, peaceful and friendly which is definitely one of the things that make this country so attractive. The land of smiles as some people call Thailand is perfect for family holidays, for newlywed couples, singles and any other category of people. The prices are low and the services and food are great.

When people go on holiday they want to improve their health, wellbeing and overall fitness level. Thailand is here to help with these issues too. Swimming, trekking, hiking, scuba diving, running – these are just some of the typical fitness activities performed there. However, if you want to change your health drastically in a positive way, you shouldn’t miss Muay Thai training classes. Join a Muay Thai training camp at Suwit Muay Thai where experienced trainers will help you with your weight loss efforts and getting in shape. Muay Thai helps people become stronger, more attractive and feel less stress.


Planning a Family Reunion without Losing Your Mind

Family is important. No one would disagree with that.

You’ve heard the sappy sayings about how brothers, sisters, cousins, or fourth-cousins-thrice-removed were our first friends.

You may roll your eyes but deep down you know that you have made some good memories with those rascals.

Because there’s nothing better than good memories except making more good memories, it’s time for a family reunion!

If you’re the designated planner of the family fun read on to find out how you can create a family reunion that won’t be forgotten.

Plus, if you follow these tips, you can do it without checking yourself into the loony bin!


Tips and tricks for success

A good plan is the backbone of any successful event. It’s best to begin planning your reunion twelve to eighteen months ahead of time.

These helpful hints will help you make a plan and stick to it!

  • Pick a date. The first important decision is to figure out when the reunion will be held. The technology of today makes this job much easier than it used to be. Email everyone a questionnaire that they can send back about possible dates. Compile all the responses to choose a date that works for everyone.
  • Choose a location. Handle the choice of location in the same way as the date. You may want to choose a spot that is central for everyone or as many people as possible. Another option is to choose a fun destination for a longer time together such as a vacation rental in the OBX, a cabin in the Poconos, or a cruise.
  • Enlist some help! Even though you may have taken the reins as the designated planner, you’re still going to need some help! Ask a few relatives who you trust to back you up as you go through the planning process.
  • Make a budget. Money can be a sticking point. One of the reasons it’s good to plan so far ahead is to give family members time to save up if you’re doing a bigger trip. Give everyone an idea of the cost once the decision has been made about location. It’s probably a good idea to ask each family to pitch in some money initially in order to secure reservations or any other services that require a down payment.
  • Plan activities that appeal to different ages and activity levels. That doesn’t mean everyone has to do everything all together, of course! Chances are there will be children, so be sure to include a lot of kid-friendly activities. If your reunion is a big trip, find some low-key options like museums or aquariums for those who have mobility issues. While it’s okay for everyone to do different activities, be sure to plan plenty of family time. After all, that’s the reason for the reunion!
  • Have a contingency plan. If your reunion is going to be a one-day, outdoor event, have a backup location for inclement weather! Remember to include some fun indoor activities for the children in attendance.
  • Set aside time for memory-sharing. Encourage family members to bring photos and other memorabilia and spend some time sharing stories and remembering good times with those who are there and the ones who you’ve lost. Remember those bonds that make you a family.
  • Keep in touch. Make a point to keep in touch after the reunion. Share pictures, get feedback about how everyone felt the trip went, and look forward to the next reunion!

A family reunion can be a fantastic experience if you put in the effort to plan well!


How to Buy Cheap Airline Tickets

Airline tickets are often the most expensive part of your entire trip. This cost eats into your travel budget, limiting your available funds for lodging, car rental, dining, and entertainment.

That is why you want to get the best deal on airline tickets. By saving money on your flight, you have more of your budget available for the actual trip.

Luckily, there are many solutions available to help you get the lowest price.

If you’re looking for cheap airline tickets, it’s important that you use all the resources at your disposal. With proper research, timing, and luck, you’ll be able to find cheap airline tickets.


Search Online for the Cheapest Airline Tickets

The first step to finding the cheapest flight is to search online. There are two main tools that you’ll use in your search – search engines and online booking sites.

You’ll use both of these options to search for airports, enter your travel plans, and then compare prices.

Using a Search Engine to Find Airports

Visit your favorite search engine and search for airports in your surrounding area. While you may already have an airport in mind, there could be a smaller airport in a nearby city that you’re not aware of.

Smaller airports can charge lower rates because they need to compete against the airports in the major cities. Some of these locations may not appear in online booking sites and they could have the best deal on flights to your intended destination.

Make a list of all the airports that you find. You can open up their official website from your search window and bookmark their pages. Save these for when you start comparing prices.

Using Online Booking Sites to Find Prices

Next, you should visit online booking sites. These sites will typically require you to enter your travel plans. You’ll input the date of your trip, your location, and your destination.

You’ll then be presented with a selection of options from nearby airports and different airlines. You can compare prices and narrow down your selection.

As you look through these options, remember to check the list of airports that you compiled. Make a note of any airports that don’t appear on the online booking sites.

When you compare prices, bookmark the three lowest prices. Come back to these at a later point, after you’ve compared all your choices.

Next, visit the official websites for any airports that didn’t appear on the online booking sites. Check your travel dates and see what options appear.

You should also visit the official website for the airlines of the 3 lowest offers that you found on the online booking site. The prices on the booking site may not be the most up-to-date or accurate.

Now that you’ve done your research, you should have a few different choices that appear to offer the lowest rates on airline tickets. Your next step is to actually call these airlines.

If you’re ready to book, you should finalize your plans by calling the airline. Don’t book through their website or a third-party website. You want to get the very latest deal, so call the airline and actually speak to a person.

While you have them on the line, you should inquire about any additional fees. Find out how much they charge for additional luggage. Make sure that you’re aware of all the fees associated with the airline tickets.

Additional Steps for Buying the Cheapest Airline Tickets

With the right timing, you can get better deals and lower airfare. Take these tips into consideration as you search online for the cheapest airline tickets.

Fly Early in the Morning

When choosing a time of day for your trip, you should plan on flying very early in the morning. The earlier the flight the lower the cost. At least, this is typically the case.

If you can book a flight that departs before 5 AM, you will likely pay less than a flight during the daytime.

Most people aren’t willing to get up this early to catch a flight, which means there are additional empty seats on the plane. To fill these seats, the cost drops.

Shop for Cheap Airline Tickets on Tuesday

Whether you’re planning a couple of months in advance or the week before your trip, you should shop for tickets on a Tuesday. This is the day of the week that airlines typically offer the lowest prices.

Throughout the week, demand increases, as does the price of the tickets. The prices will fluctuate during the week, with Tuesday being the lowest average.

As a final suggestion, you should also check prices a week before your trip. If you find a lower price after you’ve already booked, you may be able to get the airline to lower the cost of your tickets. They could reimburse you for the difference.

If you want to buy cheap airline tickets, you need to do your research. Consider shopping on a Tuesday and book an early flight. Also, remember to search for smaller airports in your area, you could find lower prices.