Camel Trek From Marrakech: And Odyssey Beyond expectation

Morocco is a country that supplies wide array of supreme diversity, people that are friendly, hospitable, and warm, a culture that is convincing, rich and enduringly mesmerizing.  Experience Morocco Camel Trekking and feel the calm of the Sahara Desert and the conventional pace of desert living. Nurture the warm hospitality of the Berber people by engaging in Marrakech Camel trips and Camel riding tours and witness the extraordinary array of light over the magnificent colors of the sand dunes. While having a Camel ride, sip mint tea with the locals. After a day’s trip, experience what it is like to sleep under a star-filled African Sky.

Camel trekking in Marrakrech, for many, is considered to be one of the highlights of a Moroccan Holiday. Stay in a desert hotel nearby Marrakech sand sea, where you can witness the wonders of the natural terrain and wander through the dunes even without getting the services of a guide. Marrakech Camel rides is regarded as one of the most exhilarating activities one can experience. You can explore an evening camel ride in to the high desert sand dunes to witness the sun set across this majestic landscape. You can also engage in a camel trek further, to a desert oasis, and splurge the night in a nomad tented Marrakech bivouac theme surrounded by palm trees. After having a simple supper, enjoy the merry ambiance prepared by the nomad guides as they sing and dance to the tune of traditional Berber songs.

Discover your fantasy as you wander the Marrakech desert like a nomad. Enjoy your Camel ride as you unfold the rich culture of the ancient generations, across the fine curves of sand dunes and the mirage and whirl shimmer from a far. In the warmth of the day, emulate the days when the rich trans-Morrocan camel caravans, thousands of camels, explore the hazardous odyssey from Mali to the busy souks of Marrakech.

Fittingly, Marrakech is considered to be the ideal place to begin your Moroccan adventure. Framed by the snowy tips of the Atlas Mountains, with burgundy-shade ramparts and a thousand year-old palm groves, Marrakech is unusually enthralling. Discover the colorful bazaar of Marrakech after your camel ride where each trade has its own location like the metal kiosk where elite artisans craft things as their ancestors did, hundreds of years ago. See the dryers’ kiosk where colorful patches of wool hang under the heat of the sun that parade in to the narrow walkways. Stroll through the carpet kiosk where hand-crafted Marrakech rugs hang like fine paintings. You can also dive through the Jewelry Kiosk where glass-façade windows shimmer with 18-karat gold.

Camel trekking in Marrakech is, for a lot of people, the highlight of their excursion in Morocco. This is the experience that will take you back to the ancient times where life is laid back and not complicated. If an overnight in the desert of Marrakech is not long enough, walk out of the humankind as you know it and ramble in the desert with an extended vacation. I have personally taken three extended camel treks and it is still vivid in my memory, when he head for a lunch by a well in an oasis, looking across a well-framed desert, seeing hundreds of camels walking with us. I watched the whole scene and made a mental picture of it so that I can bring that experience anywhere. It was one of those experiences in life where time stand still and the moment is entire encompassing.

At the end of the day, it would practically take you a long line of list to run out of things that you can do in Marrakech. No matter what type of holiday you are eyeing, there are tons of options. When travelling in Marrakech, I always hear the words “inshah allah” (if God Wills). I experienced the life of a desert nomad and I can vouch that that is one for the books. All I can say is that witness what life has to offer; accept everything that life will give you. I will do this again, even if takes forever, and the days after it.