3 Essential Destinations for Your Trip to Turkey

Turkey is a diverse, gorgeous region with more than its fair share of mysteries. Within hours of arrival, however, you’ll pull back the veil on all the treasures hiding within the country’s borders. Plan your itinerary beforehand to make sure you hit up the most beloved cities.

Visit Ankara for the Capital Experience

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Ataturk, the first man to serve as the president of Turkey, declared Ankara the country’s capital. Set aside time to visit the Mausoleum of Ataturk and pay your respects to the city’s most important authority figure. After that, head to the Old Quarters, a beautiful historical area where you can walk along cobblestone streets flanked by Ottoman homes with red roofs.

Ankara has accommodations, activities, and dining options for every type of traveler. Try Trilye for fine dining, or eat like locals at Duveroglu, Haci Arif Bey, or the Timboo Cafe. In between mouthwatering meals, visit the Rahmi M. Koc Museum or the local mosques, such as Haci Bayram. Get to know the local landscape, as well. Ankara has several parks, as well as Eymir Lake.

You can find hotels near just about any point of interest. Take advantage of the city’s public transportation to get from place to place. Consider the minibus or the subway.

Spend Time in the Melting Pot of Istanbul

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Not only is Istanbul the biggest city in Turkey, but it’s also the most well-known. Some of the country’s most gorgeous architecture is in Istanbul, not to mention its most glorious landscapes. Regarding culture and geography, it’s where East meets West. Given the abundance of things to do, you need to open up an Istanbul city guide before your trip.

Snag a photo op at Sultanahmet Square. Spend time in the historic district of the city, and pay homage to buildings of cultural and religious importance, such as the Blue Mosque. Put aside a few hours to tour the Hagia Sophia Museum. Nearly every point of interest has dining options nearby. It’s expensive at 1924Istanbul but worth it. Kucukoglu Barbecue redefines barbecue. Old Istanbul Cuisine delivers exactly that. Just as the restaurants range from budget-friendly to high-class, so do the hotels. It’s even possible to find rentals, room shares, and Airbnb options.

Get around with a transit pass to save on bus and metro fare. You can skip the cab fares altogether. Travel on the bus, the trolley, or the subway, or consider a ferry. There are even places you can reach on a catamaran.

Get Lost in the Fairy Chimneys of Goreme

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Goreme is most known for its fairy chimney formations. The rocks resemble hobbit homes more than rocks. Some of them contain churches, in fact, and entire cities run beneath the ground. Explore where you can, then take in the Goreme Open Air Museum, with its monasteries and churches. The small-town atmosphere makes for cozy dining options and accommodations. Within just a day or two, this will feel like your new home. Splurge on a hot air balloon ride. You have to rely on buses and taxes to get around, but the view from the sky is breathtaking.

Visiting Turkey is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Where do you want to go?



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The Best Locations to Visit and Experience in Abu Dhabi

Mangrove Forest

Mangrove Forest is one of the finest locations to visit in Abu Dhabi. You can see a different kind of traditional structures built and also the existence of beauty alive. A bundle of tours available for all kinds of age groups Paddling on the lake ranging from 1 hour to 3 hours, based on age is one of the best things to participate. You can feel the eco-friendly environment while the trip.

Ferrari World

The branded theme park built by the Ferrari in Abu Dhabi is another great location to visit. The formula one racing hub should visit without missing. In the park, children can also experience the small driving cars newly designed called as GT track and also the rollercoaster speeding up to 120 km.

The abu dhabi desert safari

This is one of the thrilling experiences sharing to the visitors. Especially the other mode of desert safari packages available like Al khatim Desert Safari caters desert view in a wide angle to the tourists and also providing a variety of safari modes. The Abu Dhabi Morning Safari come up with a completely new concept where the tourists can able to take the safari in the morning by vehicle or on a camel or else they can choose the motorcycle riding as well. It also offering the spots in between the safari to the tourist where they can take the break and have snacks and can also views the beauty of the desert. And the Al Ain Desert Safari is also good at the safari. Most of the tourist prefers to go with this safari because it includes special event programs in between and also allows tourist to have a good time with the local trading people.

These safari packages are really a great thrilling experience for the users. They can get the customized packages as well based on the requirement. Luxury land cruiser vehicle ride in the desert brings goose bumps. This is one of the must-try in Abu Dhabi.

The dhow cruise dinner abu dhabi

The dhow cruise abu dhabi is a variety of experience offering of the tourists to view the beauty of the city and also to experience the taste of Arab native food in the dinner time. It comes up with 4 start services to the tourist and also brings a good experience.

The Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque

The beauty of the premises can’t explain in words simply can say the worth of visit. The structure and its brilliantly portrayed ambience can’t imagine anywhere in the location.

Observation View Deck

This is another iconic point in the city to watch. As well know the Burj Khalifa Towers offering skyline view of the city covering one end to other. There is an entry fee to go inside the towers, it can be redeemed at the hotels and food courts at the observation deck.

Yas Water World and Island

This is a themed water park which is offering complete water-based games and fun things just mammoth water park. Riders, sliders, reverse water sliding; Falling water, Freefall water and many more are available in the park. You can have great food and beverages in the park.

The Yas Island is one of the luxurious locations in Abu Dhabi offers a beautiful sight view of the ocean along with serving the top class food and beverages based on the tourists taste the night view of the island really cool place for romantic occasions. Privacy is utmost priority in the locality. What are you waiting for just have fun and joy in the location, just visit at your convenient time and schedule the locations to visit without miss.