5 Best Luggage Tags That Will Help You Never Miss Your Luggage


Your travel plan is ready and you are all set to explore the world! You are excited, thrilled and enthusiastic! Suddenly, you find to your dismay, that your luggage is missing! now your excitement bubble bursts! All your eagerness for travel is gone and worry takes over as you ponder about which valuables are missing? To avoid such mishaps, it is best to use luggage tags.

Now, you counter saying that every airline offers its own luggage tags and won’t they do? These airline luggage tags are flimsy bits of paper that can easily get torn, stripped off or lost in transit. Secondly, there is no space on this little bit of paper tag to write your address or phone number. So you have to write in a cramped fashion and your handwriting will hardly be legible. If your contact details are not clearly visible, the purpose of the luggage tag is lost.

The main objective of using luggage tags is to attach some contact details of the owner to the luggage to help identify it separately from the rest and trace it in case it gets lost or misplaced. So do make sure that you buy, sturdy, durable and distinct-looking luggage tags to help you identify your luggage.

5 Best Luggage Tags

Let us take a look at some of the best personalized luggage tags you can choose from, to secure your luggage.

1. Initialed Luggage Tags

The best and easiest way to secure your luggage with some identification is to use initialed luggage tags.

Initialed luggage tags are personalized luggage tags that carry the bold initials of your name on one side and your contact details on the inner side. Even from afar, these initialed tags can be spotted to identify your luggage easily during baggage checks. In fact, these initialed luggage tags have a dignified and distinctive look with the initial printed in bold colors on them. Made of high-quality rubber, these tags will not break or tear off easily as they are secured with sturdy steel hoops. They are waterproof, washable and can be cleaned easily.

Your contact details are not openly visible and can be seen only if you pull down the front section. This ensures privacy for your contacts as well as safety for your luggage. Initialed luggage tags are ideal for all- and not just the men, but the women and the children, too!

 2. Monogrammed Luggage Tags

For a regal and elite loon, fasten your luggage with these monogrammed luggage tags. Made of superior leather, these tags carry your initials in gold or silver. Crafted from genuine leather and stitched to perfection, these tags have a steel buckle to attach to the luggage and will not easily fall off.

Note down your contact information on the inside of the tag to conceal it from public view. Spot your luggage easily anywhere by using these monogrammed luggage tags for that rich and royal look.

3. Stylish Luggage Tags

If you want your luggage tags to be exquisite and elegant, opt for these stylish luggage tags. Fabricated from waterproof laminated polyester, these fashionable luggage tags come in a variety of prints and designs. You can choose your favorite design or print your own customized design to this tag for your satisfaction. what more, they have ample space to record your contact details in a discreet manner.

Washable, durable and economical, these stylish luggage tags make great accessories for any backpack or luggage. Women usually crave for such stylish luggage tags.

4. Cute Luggage Tags

If you are a person who likes childish or funny stuff, go for these cute luggage tags or bag tags. Shaped like ice cream, balloon, popsicle, strawberry or even your favorite cartoon character, these Cute tags are the craze among teenagers and kids. Made from durable, bendable and washable silicone material, these cute luggage tags come in all designs to suit your taste. Attach this cute luggage tag to your suitcase or trolley, and you can spot from anywhere in the airport with its cute design!

5. Pocket-Friendly Perfect Luggage Tags

Made from durable PVC or plastic, these pocket-friendly luggage tags are perfect for both your budget and taste. Imprinted with a variety of designs, these tags can be customized to your preference by uploading your own design and printing them on the plastic tag. Now, your tags will stand out from the rest with your own design. Unbreakable and unique, these tags make your luggage distinct and personal and easy to trace.

Your luggage is precious, personal, and prized. Secure it with any of the above best personalized luggage tags procured from a trusted provider.


Exploring the Mountains of Oklahoma 

Located along the southern border of Oklahoma, the mountainous region of Broken Bow and Beavers Bend is a natural wonder full of activities, beauty and wildlife. Surrounded by the hardwood and pine of the Kiamichi Mountains and crisscrossed by clear mountain streams, this area is a treasure just waiting to be explored and experienced.

As you dream about your next personal retreat, family vacation or group function, take a moment to discover all that beavers bend getaways have to offer. From total relaxation to trekking through the forest, creating a unique itinerary is sure to be easy and fun.

Broken Bow Lake

Whether it is leisurely boating, a day of fishing or more adventurous water sports, the crystal clear waters of Broken Bow Lake are sure to please everyone. Featuring 180-miles of pristine shoreline, watch as bald eagles fly above, and bass and catfish swim below.

Beavers Bend State Park

For more land-based activities, Beavers Bend State Park offers an extensive system of trails, horseback riding and fly fishing. Come in the fall and revel in the gorgeous foliage, or bike through the dappled green shade of summer. With each change of season, the scenic beauty of the landscape continues to delight.

Spa, Wine, and Golf

The perfect addition to any getaway, book a day at the spa for some pampering and pleasure. Afterward, sit down for a sip of wine at a local winery and taste the fruits of the rich Oklahoma soil.

If something more robust is called for, the area offers two golf courses for a day on the green.

Local Festivals

Come and celebrate with the locals and experience the exclusive traditions and festivals of the region. The annual Kiamichi Owa-Chito Festival of the Forest highlights the unique features of this region and rediscovers its native history. Folk festivals and woodturning events are also regularly honored, featuring masterworks of art and reviving long-lost crafts.

With so many amazing options to choose from, this Oklahoma jewel has the right package already put together for your next vacation.


Our Selection of Countries You’ll Enjoy If You Love Skiing and Snow.

Winter around the world could mean a lot of fun, especially when planned as the theme of a fun trip of vacation. Hard ice and chilled mornings in an entirely different space could be the ultimate relief from the rest of the world troubles.

There are a lot of beautiful countries all around the world filled with snow-covered villages and ice slopes for skiing, waiting for you to book a hotel, pack a suitcase filled with thick clothing and ski masks, and get on a plane. But because we are generous, we will be telling you about these countries and the best time to visit for skiing.


North of the United States, during the winter season Canada is one of the best places to be. Canada has resorts like the Big White Resort, Whistler Blackcomb Sun Peaks resorts and the famous Sunshine Village. For the best experience, choose any of these resorts and schedule your visits from around mid-January to March.


Another place to book a flight to is Switzerland. What place other than this European country has beautiful ski resorts like the slopes of Aletsch Arena, Diavolezza, Gstaad, Saas Fee, Flumserberg Meiringen-Haslinberg, etc? Most of these resorts opened from December 2018 but are still opened till April, while some others have been opened since July.


And what about Asia? Japan boasts of certain scenic snow-covered villages like Skirakawa-go in Gifu, Nikko, Otaru in Hokkaido, Ginzan Onsen in Yamagata, Nyuto Onsen in Akita and many more that are beautiful and are absolutely great for skiing. Most ski resorts are open from November through May, including late-season dates.


Back to Europe, there are famous ski resorts and slopes like Charlotte Pass, Perisher, Dinner Plain Alpine Villages, and Mount Baw Alpine Resorts in Australia. As a plus, these resorts have their ski seasons from June till September and it is definitely not too late to decide already.

New Zealand

In New Zealand however, while other countries dance in the summer sweat, the ice remains solid on ski resorts from June through October. There are several resorts like Coronet Peak Ski Area, Treble Cone Ski Area, Mount Dobson Ski Area, and Mount Cheeseman.

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