Explore the Beautiful Australian Views by a Helicopter

You don’t need to be a rock star or a celebrity to enjoy a helicopter ride in Australia. Certain regions like Kimberley in North-Western WA, are so remote and inaccessible. The only way to this area is through a helicopter. Some area like Coral Cays is too tricky for boat and too small for planes.

So, when planning to visit scenic views in Australia, a helicopter is the best way to get there. Enrol for a PHS training and enjoy your ride to the best spot of your choice. If not, hire a private pilot who has all the licensing credentials. click here to explore Private Pilot License options.

In this post, we look at the holiday spots which are friendly to your helicopter. Make arrangements to get to any of these destinations in style.

  1. Wild Waterholes

Imagine the fun of bathing beneath a secret waterfall. Wild waterholes are so secret that you can’t get them on your map.

The Kimberley coast is highly isolated. The only way to access their gorges, plunge pools, and waterfalls is by a helicopter.

  1. Exclusive Access

When going for a vacation, you want to get where nobody else can, use a helicopter. For instance, you can get an adventure swimming tour to Nitmiluk National Park by helicopter.

While on your way to this spot, you’ll land at a rock pool in the national park. The area is so remote to an extent it doesn’t have a name.

In the Red Centre, people mistake Mt Conner for Mt Uluru. Due to this, most people call it Fooluru. Despite being on private land, some helicopters have access and permission to land at its top. Here, you get an opportunity to take in and explore the scenic views around the area.

  1. Ultimate Picnic Spots

Australia has many picnic spots. Among these is the Great Barrier Reef. Here you can rekindle your romance with a spouse dazzling sandbank, surrounded by warm water and incredible coral gardens teeming with a variety of tropical fish. If you need any seclusion, make arrangements for the same before embarking on your trip.

  1. Better Aerial View

Some scenic views are just amazing from the sky. For instance, a helicopter ride makes the limestone stacks seem incredible. It’s the same case with Bungles Bungles in Purnululu National Park. It makes it easier for you to see the extent of beehive-like formations.

The chopper can land and leave from the nearby Lake Argyle, Warmun or from the national park itself. The Wilpena Pound is another natural wonder in Flinders Range which you can only appreciate on a scenic flight.

  1. Private Island Escapes

Do you want an island adventure for the night? Head out to one of over twenty islands in Mission Beach. You can get here by boat or kayak. But if you’re in a hurry, the helicopter is the best way to get here.

Do your due diligence on any helicopter before committing your finances to the exercise.


Antigua Attractions

Antigua is the bigger of the two islands forming the country Antigua & Barbuda, the other island being Barbuda. It is located on the eastern side of the Caribbean Sea, among the Leeward Islands.

The sandy beaches and sunny weather, in general, make it an ideal spot for nature lovers. It also has coral reefs and rich rainforest trails. So one can do sunbathing, swimming, diving, and snorkeling at the beaches. Antigua’s claim to fame is that it has over 365 beaches. I have never found a numbered list to disprove that! Of course you need a year to visit them all.

Getting to the attractions in Antigua is best done with a rental you can explore the whole of the island in a day really and still take advantage of some activities en-route! Hire a car from Best Antigua for the best local service and great rates. They deliver your car and can do one day hires.

Visitors can also hike through the rainforests, and enjoy the flora and fauna in the jungles. The flora comprises of trees and bush plants. The trees include Coconut, Date Palm, Whitewood, Cedar, Silk Cotton, Tamarind, Breadfruit, Neem, and Cinnamon; and the plants include Aloe Vera, Acacia, Wild Tamarind, Sugar Apple, Seaside Grape, Dildo Cactus, Barrel Cactus, Periwinkle, Bougainvillea, and Hibiscus. The common animals found in and around Antigua are Bats, Indian Mongoose, Donkey, Goat, Fallow Deer, Humpback Whale, Hawksbill Turtle, Geko, Tree Lizard, Ground Lizard, Racer Snake, Toad, Tree Frog, Yellow-billed Tropic Bird, Brown Pelican, Frigate Bird, Whistling Duck, Dove, Pigeon, Humming Bird, King Bird, Grackle, Banaquit, Grassquit, Horse Spider, Firefly, Termite, Honey Bee and Hawk Moth.

St.Johns, the capital city of Antigua, is a very busy city with a number of historical and cultural museums, outdoor markets for arts, crafts, and local creative materials. Visitors buy these as souvenirs of their visit. Antigua is also favored by many freshly married couples as a Honeymoon destination for the ambiance of the place. Many choose to get married in Antigua as it is such a romantic destination

Beach Wedding Photo by Ibrahim Asad

The Antiguans consider their country of having three hundred sixty-five beaches, thereby vouching for the possibility of not repeating the same sight in a year!

But staying in Antigua can be made more memorable by visiting the following other places:

  1. a) Stingray City, Antigua – Stingray City is a shallow pool of water where hundreds of stingrays swim past coral reefs. Visitors feed them and swim with them for enjoyment.
  2. b) Nelson’s Dockyard National Park, Antigua – This park has been created due to the growth of the vegetation over the Nelson’s Dockyard, which is the only continuously operating dockyard of the world built in the Georgian Style.
  3. c) Devil’s Bridge: Indian Town National Park, Antigua – When seen from the northeast coast, the Indian Town National Park bears a fantastic look along with the Devil’s Bridge formed naturally due to splashing of water on limestone rocks, which blow geysers of water during high tide from the blowholes created.
  4. d) Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, Antigua – This depicts the evolution of the country and its people from the very beginning to the time of independence in 1981.
  5. e) Fig Tree Drive, Antigua – This Fig Tree Drive along the southern coast of Antigua passes through fishing villages, farm lands and rainforests. This enables the visitors to have a glimpse of local life within a short period of time.
  6. f) Frigate Bird Sanctuary, Barbuda – This bird sanctuary located in a north western lagoon of Barbuda, is much loved by the bird watchers as this is the largest sanctuary of the birds with a red gullet.
  7. g) Darby Cave, Barbuda – This is actually a sinkhole formed due to the dissolution of limestone.
  8. h) Martello Tower, Barbuda – This tower was built by the British in the 19th century on the beach at River, and it is the highest building of the whole of Barbuda.

Visiting Dallas Fort Worth Texas, Where South Meets West

The Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex of northern Texas is a great destination that wraps culture, history and entertainment into one exciting package. No matter your interests, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in these exciting cities of the south.

Unique Eateries

Whether you’re looking for authentic Texas barbecue, signature Tex-Mex or the best seafood plano tx, the Dallas Fort Worth area has a huge variety of restaurants and dining experiences to choose from. Locals, tourists and critics agree that you shouldn’t visit without also trying the state’s other culinary staples, like chicken fried steak, fried okra, and a big bowl of Texas chili.

City Life

The Metroplex is home to dozens of museums, including The Sixth Floor Museum and Dealey Plaza, where you can visit the site of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. The Kimbell Art Museum and the Dallas Zoo are other popular destinations for tourists. The area is also well known for its night life and several local breweries. Sports enthusiasts may enjoy of tour of AT&T Stadium or catching a game featuring the Dallas Cowboys or Texas Rangers.

Cowboy Country

Fort Worth is known for its western culture and features several attractions and shops for every cowboy and cowgirl at heart. Perhaps the most popular destination in the area is the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District. Visitors can watch the daily longhorn cattle drive through town, ride a stage coach or shop for authentic cowboy hats, boots and other gear. It’s also home to the world’s largest honky-tonk where line dancers can strut their stuff or visit several other saloons for a fun evening out. Every weekend, a live rodeo is held in the district’s arena known as the Cowtown Coliseum, making it a great destination any time of year.

With so much to eat, see and do in Dallas Fort Worth, you’ll want to give yourself a minimum of two full days to enjoy the best the area has to offer.


Making the Ride to the Airport Fast and Simple

Going to the airport can be the worst part of your trip. Traffic going to the airport can be backed up for several miles especially during the holiday season. Trying to get out of the airport and back home can likewise be difficult if there is road construction or bad weather.

Rather than deal with the headaches of driving yourself to the airport alone, you can spare yourself this hassle by hiring a public transportation company to drive you. You can find out more about the availability of rides as well as rates by going to websites like the local metro, taxi companies, and today.

Saving Money on Rides

Going to the airport can be expensive. Some airports have toll roads that you have to pay just to gain access to them. Most airports also charge for parking by the day or week. The rates for parking can be expensive for you to afford especially if you are going to be gone for a significant amount of time.

Rather than pay for parking out of your own pocket, you can spare yourself this expense by hiring a shuttle to take you to the airport. The professional driver can navigate the traffic on the roads while you sit back and relax. The driver can also drop you off and pick you up at the gate so you do not have to park your own car.

Making a Reservation

If you know the dates that you will travel by air, you can go online to the company’s website to make a reservation. You can schedule your ride weeks or months in advance. This reservation ensures you have a ride to the airport on the day that you need to catch your flight.

Going to the airport does not have to be a hassle or an expense. Instead of driving yourself, you can get a ride in a professional shuttle. The shuttle driver will make the drive fast and easy for you and get you there on time.


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