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5 tips to bear in mind for the best roaming plan

We present a checklist of points to remember when booking an international roaming plan.

Are you going abroad on holiday or a short work trip? Apart from grappling with bookings and shopping and other preparations, you must also tick off the most important item on your To-Do list: buying an international plan for your phone.

Never bought such a plan before? Don’t worry, just follow our guide below:

#1 Look for multiple pack offerings.

The service provider must not offer just one generic international roaming plan, but multiple packs that you can choose from. Providers like Airtel have three international roaming packs to choose from, designed on a days’ duration basis. Thus, you can choose between 3 international packs: 1-day (Rs 649 per day), 10 days (Rs 359 per day) and 30 days (Rs 133 per day). Besides, you get free calling (100, 250 and 500 minutes respectively) on the 3 packs, as well as 100 free SMSs on each.

#2 Check out ISD call rates.

Most people are afraid of making international calls while on holiday or when temporarily posted abroad. It is prudent to check the service provider’s ISD call rates before you buy the plan. As mentioned above, some providers like Airtel have free calling for a certain number of minutes, so you can avail of the free minutes and not spend a single Rupee on calls. Or if you want to call for free, then you can log out of the SIM card data and make calls or send texts over free Wi-Fi in your destination country.

#3 Look for ease of purchase online.

The service provider must make it as easy as possible for you to buy the international roaming pack. You are busy arranging foreign exchange, shopping and planning the trip, and you shouldn’t be forced to visit the provider’s gallery to activate the pack. Providers like Airtel let you purchase the pack or plan online, on the brand website. Simply key in your phone number, destination country and browse the international roaming packs currently being sold. When you make a selection, hit ‘Buy’ and the provider will guide you on the next steps about activation.

#4 Check the schedule of charges post-free usage is over.

Though the roaming pack or plan you choose may have free SMSs and calls, it helps to understand how to track your daily consumption. This will help you check how the service provider is calculating the minutes of your usage, and how much your consumption has gone above the free limits. Ask for the schedule of charges upfront.

#5 There should be an option to choose standard roaming plans instead of buying a pack.

Leading providers like Airtel also give you the option to choose a postpaid international roaming plan instead of buying a prepaid roaming pack. The service is activated at no additional cost to you. Activate the service by logging on to the Airtel website and adding your name, 10-digit mobile number and email ID, and follow the next steps as directed.


Top Private Hajj Packages from Lahore and Karachi

The falling in love with Makah and Medina would turn out to be best thing you can do in your life while exploring the diverse parts of this country in the shape of the Hajj in the best and effective manner on the private hajj packages from Lahore.  These cities are sacred to all Muslims. There are different Hajj packages from Pakistan. The majority of the people want to know the best Hajj 2019 packages Pakistan this year because Hajj prices are becoming higher in 2019. There are different areas where Hajj groups offer packages such as Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and many more. The Best Hajj Package from Karachi is economical due to the low rates of flights. This is the reason the majority of the people outside the Karachi prefer to depart from Karachi International Airport. They contact the Best Hajj Group in Karachi. These groups are available online and they provide the information about Hajj packages 2019 Karachi online.

Why Prefer Private Hajj Packages from Lahore?

Lahore is a big city of Pakistan and the largest city of Punjab. This is reason the majority of the people want to learn about the private hajj packages from Lahore. These Hajj packages from Pakistan are economical because of the variety of reasons. The Hajj Groups in Lahore introduce Hajj 2019 packages Pakistan and some of them are given below.

Tentative Flight Dates for Price of Hajj 2019 Pakistan

You will see the schedule of the flights very soon.

  • 23 days Hajj Package to Medina
  • 15 days Hajj Package to Medina
  • 13 days Hajj Package to Medina

Which are the Hajj Packages from Pakistan?

Prices of the Hajj 2019 packages are exclusive and you will get deals for booking in advance. You can choose the best and luxurious budget for Hajj packages from Pakistan. This way, you can easily embrace the combination of the multiple cultures, and the wide range of the religions, and the amazing and stunning weather and climatic conditions and the most significantly, the delicious cuisine. Not only this, one can discover the attractive architecture along with the fantastic historical background. The best part has been the fact that Saudi Arabia is the highly underrated destinations you can ever explore in your life. Once you make your way towards these places, you would certainly fall in love with the travel destinations of this country as it offers everything you need to have during the exploring the wide places in the most effective manner.

Which are the Best Hajj Packages from Karachi?

The Hajj group feels immense pleasure in sharing the best Hajj Package from Karachi with the clients. These packages are up to your needs and requirements to perform Hajj. The Best Hajj Group in Karachi provides the VIP package, Executive package and shirt Hajj packages for their clients. All these Hajj packages 2019 Karachi are inexpensive and contain the variety of facilities for the people. You can get the schedule of flights and other details online.

Adventure Travel

Discover Our Planet and Its Amazing Wildlife in South Africa

From lions to leopards, rhinoceros to elephants, when you go on a safari, you embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Set in stunning natural scenery and unique landscapes, Africa’s Wildlife will enrich your love for animals.

There is nothing more magical than watching a herd of elephants plodding along the river, a rhino drinking from a waterhole, wild lions lazing in the grass and hippos lying in muddy watering holes. Beneath a vast and blue pale sky, South Africa wildlife tours stand out as the best wildlife experience in the world.

Home to many species and unique creatures, Africa is the ultimate wildlife destination with safaris that attract many tourists. A safari adventure in South Africa is a great way to build countless memories and interesting knowledge about our planet and it’s amazing creatures.

Some unique experiences include:

  • Exploring “The Wildlife Show” From the Sky

Every year, thousands of zebras, gazelles, and wildebeest make their way between Masai Mara National Reserve and Serengeti National Park in a herd – an iconic moment that every wildlife lover wants to experience. Take in panoramic views of the creatures on their awe-inspiring journey.

  • Get Close To the Wildlife

Wildlife tours in South Africa are a great way to escape from the stress of modern life and get in touch with nature. African wildlife can be seen up close and personal on treks and walks through jungles, amongst the wild animals.

  • Learn About the Wild

What better way to teach your children about animals and their behaviour than to see them during a wildlife tour in South Africa? Many lodges in Africa organize junior ranger programs in which children learn how to track animals and the gentle ways to treat them.

So, take your family on a one-of-a-kind trip, or just relax in nature as a wildlife tour in Africa will never disappoint. We bet it will change your perspectives on life for a long time to come.