Why Levanto hotels are an ideal solution for a two days trip

Two days is a good time to spend in the Ligurian Riviera and visit the Cinque Terre villages: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare. They are the main tourist attraction of the district.

If you want to book a room in one of the five villages, you may like to know that hotels are very expensive here, especially in the summertime; so if you are going to plan a two days trip and your budget is limited, probably you should try to book one of the several Levanto hotels. Levanto is a very popular destination all year round. Don’t forget to book in advance!

Why to book one of the Levanto hotels

Many tourists choose to stay in Levanto due to its strategic position. It is the first village out of the Cinque Terre National Park even if it is far from Monterosso al Mare only 4 minutes by train.

It is so close to the other villages that it is possible to reach all of them just walking through one of the 48 natural paths of the National Park. If you like nature and don’t fear the heights, it is the best way to visit the area.

Also, Levanto is as beautiful as the other towns with its typical colorful fisherman houses and the Renaissance buildings and churches set in the historic city center.

It is perfectly connected by train and by car with all the five villages and all the main tourist point of the Ligurian Riviera.

It is bigger than the other towns nearby, so Levanto hotels are not so expensive as the others. They also offer several types of services for groups, families with kids and single travelers.

Day one: Riomaggiore, Manarola and Corniglia

Taking the train from Levanto go straight to Riomaggiore. In a 21 minutes ride you will be in the easternmost village of the coast. It is crossed by the Rio Maggiore river while the three peaks of the Monte Verugola overlook the valley.

The historic city center dates back to the thirteenth century and it hosts several churches and sanctuaries. The village is an impressive example of christian architecture in Italy while the Riomaggiore Castle is a great example of military architecture. It dates back to the 1260 even if the building works ended in the fifteenth century.

Enjoy a refreshing lunch by the sea and then reach Manarola by foot or by train. It takes just a few minutes. It is the second village on your way back to Levanto.

Manarola is the smallest one together with Corniglia and it is completely perched on the rock overlooking the sea.The most relevant buildings are the gothic bell tower of San Lorenzo and the ruins of the castle. It was built to prevent the village from pirates incursions and today it is a private house. Do not miss the last stretch of via Belvedere. It is like a balcony overlooking the sea and it ends with a panoramic square devoted to Eugenio Montale

Let’s end your first day by walking among the Corniglia vineyards. This is the only village of the Cinque Terre that doesn’t overlook the sea but be careful: if you want to reach it, the Lardarina awaits for you. It is a 382 steps stairway which is better to climb in the evening due to the heat of the Ligurian summer.

Day two: Monterosso al Mare and Vernazza

Monterosso al Mare is the westernmost village of the Cinque Terre and it is just a few minutes far from Levanto. You can start your second day from here.

The historic city center dates back to the tenth century and it was rebuilt many times over the years. There are several valuable religious and civil architectural buildings all around Monterosso. The most important are the so called “statue of the Giant”, Villa Montale and San Giovanni Battista Church.

The statue of the Giant represents Neptune. It is made of reinforced concrete and seems to support the rock.

Villa Montale was the house of the Italian poet Eugenio Montale who lived here for a long time.

San Giovanni Battista church is an important example of genoese architecture due to the facade made with white and black stripes of marble.

After a lunch break in the beautiful Monterosso you cannot miss the opportunity to visit Vernazza and its natural beauties. The village is famous for its colorful houses and the vineyards overlooking the sea.

The so called “Nostra Signora di Reggio” sanctuary is waiting for you at the top of the mountain. You can reach it walking along one of the official National Park paths. Then, go back to the alley and take a train to your hotel in Levanto.


Andaman Nicobar Island destinations pure beauty

Andaman as well as Nicobar Island destinations possess a lot to provide vacationers. Form pure beauty as well as peace, there are several nationwide recreational areas which are house to a lot of unique creatures. Probably the most well-liked locations may be the Mahatma Gandhi Nationwide Sea Recreation area Wan doorway, situated far away associated with around twenty nine kilometres through Interface Blair. The place is actually perfect to determine the actual uncommon corals as well as sea existence marine with the cup base motorboats, whilst experience enthusiasts might have a minute associated with their existence through scuba diving as well as scuba diving.

The actual recreation area additionally functions trips as well as drinking water sports activities amenities. The very best, obviously, character path round the river, backyard, cafe as well as historical functions such as Japoneses Forehead, in addition to a bunker and it is essential with regard to tourist’s look at within Interface Blair. The area hosts uncommon ocean turtles as well as deep sea crocodiles. Walking across the seaside, you can observe various creatures for example crocodiles, turtles, dolphins as well as numerous unique seafood. There are lots of visitor seashores from the isle, because Radhanagar Seaside, Wandoor Seaside.

A well known have a picnic within the Andaman Nicobar Island destinations is definitely an Aam Kunj Seaside, positioned in Rangat. This particular location is actually filled with industrial viability and it is visited through international vacationers that prefer to release your own daring aspect within higher surf as well as powerful this particular variety.

Satisfy your own desire journey using the Andaman Vacation Bundle

The actual Andaman Travel and leisure dreams can’t clarify in a single term. Unique seashores, the actual stunning leaves from the woodland, sights from the dawn as well as setting sun occasions, mind-boggling in order to sea existence tend to be one of the petals Andaman as well as Nicobar Excursions. The actual Andaman Nicobar Isle is definitely an incredible trip with an isle past the creativity. All of us can’t permit the goals to attain remarkable locations such as Andaman Excursions discovering actual dream associated with thrilling outings. Andamanbluebay is here now along with you, along with various Andaman Vacation Bundle to satisfy their own desire journey Andaman Journey!!

With regard to vacationers as well as honeymooners that strategy Andaman Vacation Deals we provide superb amenities in order to discover Andaman thrilling actions upon as well as below drinking water. The Andaman as well as Nicobar travel packages provide several choices Andaman actions for example hiking, scuba diving, scuba diving, vessel luxury cruise coves and much more which makes their own appointments towards the isle associated with Andaman achievement. Additionally, the financial Andaman Vacation Bundle enables you to discover the most popular island destinations associated with Interface Blair, Havelock as well as Elephanta, Neil, Radhanagar, Baratang and several additional island destinations tend to be well-known Andaman Nicobar Excursions. Right now Andaman visit reserving is simple as well as amenities along with andamanbluebay.

Andaman as well as Nicobar Island destinations team would be the just as well as conclusive character of this popularizes between your Globe Andaman coastline travel and leisure. This particular number of island destinations draws in vacationers through all over the world to visit Andaman using its stunning seashores, jungles as well as discover actions Andaman Seaside Vacation home from luxurious hotels within the Andaman as well as Nicobar island destinations.


Why you need to choose a vacation bundle

Using the web right now readily available upon each and every individual’s telephone as well as pc, preparing vacations has turn out to be less complicated. Along with only a click on, it’s possible to guide airfare tickets, strategy away lodging as well as printing a good schedule. The amount of those who choose travel packages offers decreased significantly. Numerous don’t want to employ the visit owner in order to strategy their own vacations as well as think that they’ll achieve this on their own effortlessly. Nevertheless, there are specific advantages of employing the visit owner that the web might not be capable to offer you.

3 factors why you need to choose a vacation bundle for the following holiday:

Total visit

Whenever within an unfamiliar town like a visitor, a person do not know the very best setting associated with transport, the great eateries or even the actual vocabulary is actually international! Visit providers tend to be perfect in such instances because they strategy away your own schedule as well as make sure that you can to go to all of the essential visitor places promptly. In some instances the visit manual may also be supplied with regard to sightseeing to become much more effective. Just about all transport is set ahead of time so that as the visitor your own just goal would be to benefit from the holiday. It’s simpler especially with regard to households to utilize a vacation bundle to lessen tension throughout holidays.

Journey secure

Going secure has be a essential a part of any kind of vacation. Circumstances such as terrorist episodes as well as cancellation associated with plane tickets are extremely hard for any visitor to take care of. In case of an urgent situation it’s very most likely how the person is going to be trapped from their own location and never obtain a reimbursement on the airfare tickets. Whenever going via a visit owner nevertheless, there’s a particular level of security provided. Because the visit owner offers much better connections, they could make sure that you journey properly within comfort and ease.


The largest benefit of choosing a vacation bundle is actually the truth that it’s less expensive. The visit owner offers connections in most journey locations supplied as well as understands probably the most inexpensive methods to journey. The actual deals they offer permit you to appreciate your own holiday as well as perform all of the enjoyable points a person prepared, in a less expensive price. It’s much easier in order to choose a visit owner instead of spend your time discovering inexpensive lodging as well as journey deals with regard to your family.

Choosing a vacation bundle is actually the easiest method to make sure a soothing as well as enjoyable holiday encounter. The actual visit owner considers your own anticipation as well as gives you deals to satisfy exactly the same. Through luxurious vacations in order to experience holidays, you could have everything, through choosing the visit owner.


The 4 best places to visit in Italy

Italy, the so-called boot-shaped country, is one of the most popular destinations for travellers. Every year, tourists flock to this country in search of culture, heritage, landscapes, culinary tradition, nature and so on.  The list is never ending, and choosing the right destinations for your trip is not an easy process. Thats why, we have listed our 4 best places to visit in Italy.


Officially Italy’s capital, Rome has a very strong historical identity (with a modern twist). Rome is famous for its Ancient Roman structures, not to mention the Vatican City. For thousands of years it has been one of the most important cultural and historical centres in the world, as well as the centre of the Catholic Church – yes the Vatican is its own separate city-state but it sits inside of Rome. Listing the places to see and experiences to do in Rome is virtually impossible since the city offers dozens of museums and historical sites that showcase unparalleled artistic greatness. However, you can begin to discover Italy and all it has to offer, before visiting Rome.


Venice is more than a city. It’s canals and absence of cars, make Venice seem like a city suspended in time where carnivals are massively celebrated, architecture is impressive and markets date back to the 11th century. This city gives you a wonderful feeling of authenticity. You can’t really say you’ve visited Venice without taking a ride in one of the iconic gondolas – you can hop into one of these historic boats and take a tour of the famous canals. Taking a tour at sunset is one of the most romantic experiences you will ever experience.


Bologna is a beautiful city full of treasured sites such as the San Petronio Basilica. It’s uniqueness is however due to the rich and unique culinary traditions. In Bologna you can find among the best meat-based dishes in the world, such as Tagliatelle alla Bolognese or Lasagna alla Bolognese. The many narrow streets in the city centre are home to an array of local restaurants known as “trattorie” and wine bars where you can enjoy local wines, cured meats and cheese. It is a once in a lifetime experience.


Marvellous hills, vineyards, olive groves and unmatched artistic heritage. What else can we add to this mix in order to convince you to visit Tuscany at least once in your life? Florence, Tusany’s capital, is the home of the Renaissance and is unmissable for anyone interested in arts and culture. Don’t forget that Tuscany goes way beyond Florence: the countryside is a natural paradise where you can find everything from renowned Chianti vineyards, historic restaurants and some of the countries most beautiful sights. Renting a car and exploring everything this region has to offer is worth every penny.


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