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Interesting Things to Do In Odessa

At the end of the 18th century, Odessa was established by the Imperial decree and flourished quickly as an essential port on the Black Sea. It became the most populous city in the 19th century and home to some titans of the age like Field Marshall Vorontsov who was recognized due to the Napoleon wars and the writer Alexander Pushkin. Today, Odessa is one of the best cities in Ukraine and this holiday escape is known for its mild climate, culture and beaches. The locals lovingly call it ‘Odessa Mama’. It is shabby and grand, decadent and modern, confusing and energetic and very much real. A lot of its beautiful architecture can be seen at cultured parks, palaces, ceremonial stairways, palaces and an amazing opera house, which is regarded as one of the finest in Europe.

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The city has lots to offer to those who are visiting it and this could get overwhelming if you don’t know what to do. If you are confused, here are some of the interest things to do and the great places to see in Odessa:

  • Visit the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre

In the 1880s, the Viennese partners Fellner and Helmer conceived the magnificent opera house. While they build dozens of opera houses across Eastern and Central Europe, the one in Odessa is undoubtedly their masterwork. If you are interested in learning about the finer details of the technical specifications and academic architecture, you can take a tour in daytime. However, nothing can come close to the experience of attending an opera or a ballet performance. You can spend a night watching Swan Lake, Carmen or Lolanta and have a wonderful experience to add to your memories.

  • Check out the Potemkin Stairs

A ceremonious way of entering Odessa from the port is through this grand staircase. The stairway was paved with granite and was ordered as a gift by Prince Vorontsov to his wife in the 1840s. The Potemkin Stairs comprise of a total of 192 steps, which are spread out over a distance of 142 meters and there is a 27 meter difference in elevation. There are some intriguing quirks about the stairway. The first is that it is a lot broader at the bottom than at the top. This was done intentionally for creating a false perspective and making the stairway seem larger when people see it from below.

  • Explore Deribasivska Street

Known as the city’s beating heart, the Deribasivska Street runs horizontally across Odessa for almost a kilometer. Whether you are sightseeing, dining or shopping, you will end up on this dynamic artery every now and then. The street has been named after one of the founders of Odessa, the Neapolitan José de Ribas. At the eastern end of the street, you will come across his statue. In 1984, the western half of the street was pedestrianized and it has long lines of mansions from the 19th and 20th century. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants where you can sit and enjoy the sights.

  • Enjoy the City Garden

The oldest park in Odessa was landscaped in 1803 by the broker of José de Ribas and it was a private property initially. The City Garden opens into Deribasivska Street and you can find iron lanterns, paved paths and flowerbeds boasting little iron fences. These are all based around a beautiful fountain, pavilion and the Odessa Philharmonic’s summer theatre. In the summers, there are often recitals held here, which can add a touch of sophistication to the place. Apart from that, the City Garden also has some monuments that honor some cultural figures in Odessa like the Twelve Chairs monument that refers to the Russian satirical novel of the same name.

  • Shop in Odessa markets

Kaleidoscopic, vibrant and colorful, you can find everything in Odessa markets from freshly pickled apples and home-made food to animals, fridges and Soviet Ladas. The most famed bazar in Odessa is called Privoz and it is a great spot for finding seasonable fruits and vegetables. If you want really good deals, it is best for you to arrive before 3 pm and then browse through the collection. Right outside of Odessa is the largest outdoor market of Europe called the 7th Kilometer Bazaar. You can take a bus there and spend an entire afternoon looking at rows of leather goods, jewelry, furniture, wedding dress and tons of other products.

  • Make a wish at the ‘Duke’

During the Bourbon Restoration, Duke de Richelieu served as a notable statesman and he was also a ranking offer in the Russian Imperial Army. In 1803, he was appointed as governor of Odessa and he made some great contributions to the development of the city. In a few years, he was able to make Odessa the third largest city in the whole Russian Empire. In 1828, the citizens of Odessa decided to honor him and erected a Monument. The statue faces the Potemkin Stairs and greets the ships that enter Odessa’s harbor. The statue participates in all of the city’s festivals. For instance, it ‘wears’ cute sailor’s cap on April Fool’s Day and dons the costume of Ellington in Jazz Days. You can make a wish at the monument or touch the bag of money if you want to make a fortune.

  • Check out the Archaeological Museum

Set up in 1825, this is the oldest museum that you can find in all of Ukraine. The Archaeological Museum has up to 170,000 exhibits, all of which are related to the region’s ancient history, along with Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Egypt. The attraction is housed in a palace that can be traced back to 1883 and its big Neoclassical portico immediately catches the eye. The Egyptian galleries also comprise of the papyrus, sarcophagi and hieroglyphics. Apart from that, there is also a massive collection of 50,000 coins that belonged to Ancient Greece in the days of the Russian Empire.

These activities and places will keep you organized in Odessa for days and you will certainly have a fun experience. For more information about visiting Odessa go to the Odessa4U Travel Agency website today!


Factors To Consider While Buying Travel Insurance Online

Travelling is for fun and recreation. But it is not always fun, as there might be an occurrence of some unforeseen contingencies. Having travel insurance keeps you covered against all financial losses that might occur while you are travelling. But do you know how to select the best insurance? Here are the steps you need to consider to buy travel insurance online.

  • The coverage offered

The first and foremost thing to consider while buying travel insurance is the coverage that the policy offers. Assess the plan and policy according to your travel plan, expenses, and requirements. Also consider the purpose and length of your travel and then choose the features of your policy accordingly. This includes considering the locations and activities that you plan on engaging in. If the plan includes adventure sports, you can choose your policy accordingly.

  • Add-ons offered

Travel insurance policies offer extra add-ons which enhance your coverage in return of additional premium. By choosing the right add-ons you can avail extra coverage benefits and discounts which are not included under the normal policy. Through add-ons you can customize your policy plan according to your exact requirements.

  • Type of plan required

Travel insurance plans are offered in different varieties. There are plans that cover specific geographical locations, like Asia, Schengen countries, domestic travel, etc. These policies also cover special plans for children, senior citizens, students, etc. You can choose the plan that is most suitable to you and make your travel experience stress-free and comfortable.

  • The rate of premium

The rate of premium that you will be paying for your policy should be in accordance and commensurate with the coverage and benefits offered. Do not always opt for a policy that is the cheapest, without considering other factors. Consider doing an all round analysis of the policy and then choose the right one.

  • Claim settlement ratio

You should always check the claim settlement ratio that the company and the specific policy have to offer. Having a high claim settlement ratio increases the probability of your claim being settled. This will prove to be favourable on your side in times of crisis and in need of raising a claim. This is an important aspect to be considered, but should not be a sole criteria.

  • Members covered

While choosing a travel insurance for your family trip, you should consider a plan that covers all the family members. Problems and contingencies faced by any family member can be more traumatic and can make you feel helpless while in an unknown place. It would be the most ideal to get a comprehensive plan that covers all the members.

  • Compare before final buying

Before buying a policy, always consider the above-mentioned factors and compare them for different companies and policies available in the market. It is only after doing a well-informed comparison that you must take the final decision.

Companies like Bharti AXA provide some of the best travel insurance policies in the market.


A Trip to the Golden Triangle with Wildlife Tour

The incredible definition of India is provided by its rich heritage cities which include Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi. The world class tour in these cities is known as touring India’s present, past and future. You can have a great experience to the

golden triangle with wildlife tour. The magnetic attractions of these cities that encompass the Golden Triangle tour include the historical monuments that have majestic palaces, magnificent architecture, historical accounts that talk about the British era and Mughal in the Indian society, and colorful festivals.

Moreover, this tour has a remarkable experience and you can turn it into a remarkable lifetime experience. Even though the State of India is tiny, it is renowned for the pristine beaches and spinning blue water that are bagged by the slanting coconut palm. You can be sure that this will turn your holiday experience into an external one. You can better understand the trip to the Golden Triangle by looking at the four cities that define the pride of India. Delhi – The Treasure of India

Delhi is the capital city of India and is widely known as the heart of India. This city has magnetic attractions for millions of tourists from every corner of the world because of the magnificent historical monuments and rich heritage.

Some of these monuments include Qutub Minar, lotus Temple, Red Fort, and India Gate. New Delhi also talks about India’s future by introducing the metro stations, malls, and tall buildings. Therefore, Delhi gives visitors a sight of both the past and future of India. It is a revitalizing experience for visitors from all over the world.

  • Agra – The Taj City

This city describes the Incredible India as it houses the Taj Mahal which is one of the wonders of the world and an eternal symbol for love. Shah Jehan, the Mughal Emperor, build the Mahal for his lovely wife Mumtaz Mahal. This destination is known to attract millions of people from all over the world. It is an integral component in your Golden Triangle Tour. Apart from the Taj Mahal, Agra also give you a chance to visit several historical monuments like the Chine ka Rauza and Itma-ud-daulah.

  • Jaipur – The Pink City

Jaipur Pink City is the capital of Rajasthan which also forms an essential part of the Golden Triangle Tour. It gives visitors an opportunity of exploring the first planned city of India with an introduction to the rich heritage of India in terms of historical monuments such as the Museum and City Palace, Jaigarh, Wind palace (Hawa Mahal), Janta Mantar, and Amber Fort, and the royal past of amazing India.

  • Goa – The Worlds Paradise

Visiting Goa after the enticing historical Golden Triangle will double your majestic experience. Most people will tell you that Goa is the world’s paradise. It is a tiny state that is renowned for its Portugal era refection, majestic resorts, exotic national parks, and charming beaches. The city attracts a countless number of visitors from all over the world who come for the Golden Triangle. Make sure these 4 destinations are part of your trip to India tours if you want the best experience.



Granada restaurants are considered the best in the provision of sumptuous dishes. Furthermore, the rich history and delightful landscapes make the place more interesting. You should never miss the types of cuisines provided by some of the renowned restaurants around the city. The rich history has made the introduction of diverse dishes that anybody would want to try. This article will list some of the top-notch restaurants that give appealing satisfaction when it comes to food.

  1. El Mercader.

Situated 0.1 miles from the Royal Granada Chapel, the restaurant is ready to serve its customers. El Mercader will handle all your lunch and dinner reservation. Some of the diverse meals the restaurant offers are Spanish dishes, International dishes, and also Mediterranean dishes. For those interested in special diets, several dishes will suit their preferences such as Gluten-free meals, and also vegan options will be available. Whenever in Granada, be sure to hop into this restaurant for a great meal.

  1. Bar Avila. 

This restaurant is located 0.4 miles away from the Grand Granada Chapel. Bar Avila restaurant also hosts a bar where one can go and grab a drink. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to have free tapas whenever you order your beer. Some of the dishes provided are Mediterranean and European dishes which are sumptuous. The bar is very lively and is one that will make your experience fascinating. Based on the reviews, the food provided is cheap and they have friendly staff. If you’re looking for a small and comfortable place with full consideration of the Spanish culture, then Bar Avila will be your place.

  1. El Claustro. 

Located at the center of historical and monumental sites at Granada. The restaurant involves having your meals while having a view of the marvelous courtyard of the convent which has been in place since the 16th century. The dishes provided entail the local touch with a bit of modernization making the food sumptuous and appealing. The restaurant is convenient for those travelers who would like a soothing dining moment with fewer distractions, and only work of art to look at.

  1. Tajine Elvira. 

One of the best restaurants to celebrate the Asian impact on Spanish culture. The prices are relatively low and you can bargain if you feel uncomfortable with the set prices. You’ll also find traditional beverages together with a special dessert in the restaurant. Tajine Elvira is home away from home with a serene environment full of splendor.

  1. El Deseo.

This is another restaurant that will leave your experience full of satisfaction. El Deseo is a modern restaurant where you’ll find most of the modern meals. Some of the meals provided include meat, fish, pizza, and pasta. Meals are traditional but given that modern touch giving the meals a sumptuous taste. The restaurant has both outside and indoor suites which will be used in coordination with the prevailing weather conditions.

These are some of the best restaurants in Granada that you will need to visit any time soon. Spanish meals are always fantastic, and it will be better if you tried them out yourself.