Pro tips for budget traveling

Whether you have a low budget or a higher one; you can opt for traveling by planning your traveling budget. Budget traveling saves your money and keeps you satisfied.  If you are a regular traveler you need to follow these tips before setting off on a journey:

  1. Travel on weekdays 

Flights are often expensive on weekends as compared to weekdays. Plan your travel in the weekdays to get discounts and more facilities comparatively.

  1. Prefer Airbnb over hotel accommodations

Most of the people like to stay in the hotels. But hotel accommodations are often costly. Search a home away from home is a good strategy. Airbnb, farm stay, or becoming a paying guest is cheaper and accommodate better.

  1. Use public transportation

Instead of hiring a cab or car, try to use a mode of public transport. It will not only save your money rather it will allow you to observe the new place, new people, and new culture closely.

  1. Track the travel expenses daily

You should keep a record of every single dollar you spend during your journey. Tracking the travel expenses on a daily basis will help you to spend money remaining within budget.