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A Complete Guide to Casa Mila Barcelona La Pedrera

A Complete Guide to Casa Mila Barcelona La Pedrera

A Complete Guide to Casa Mila Barcelona La Pedrera

Barcelona nestles multiples of awesome architectural wonders visited by travellers all over the world. The amazing creations are designed by Antoni Gaudi. Casa Mila is one of his awesome creations located in the city centre near the attractive Casa Batllo, another fantastic creation of the skilled architect Antoni Gaudi.

Today the awesome creation of Gaudi is a popular museum housing art craft treasures depicting the rich culture of Barcelona. It is even widely known as a site for famous exhibitions reflecting the works of some of the popular artists worldwide.

Casa Mila is fondly known as La Pedrera, the stone quarry. If you prefer to know more about booking flight tickets and accommodation before visiting this awesome place, then visit the website http://www.tripindicator.com/casa-batllo-tours-tickets.html . You will be provided with useful guidance to make it easier for you to travel to one of the wonders of Barcelona.

Few lines about Casa Mila to make your visit more enjoyable –

  • It was built in the beginning of the 19th century. It got its official name when a millionaire Pere Mila with his family started living there. Later in 1984 the place was listed as the UNESCO Wold Heritage. It was done to preserve it for future visitors who were interested in unique architectural style of the last civil creation of Gaudi.
  • Both the interiors and exteriors are designed in iconic style of Gaudi. The roof top of the place is the usual signature mark of Gaudi. The terrace and the chimneys together promote the feeling of the garden of the warriors. In the attic, there are detailed information about the creativity skill of the architect Gaudi.
  • The place has played a great role in many movies. Thus, movie lovers seek to view the place which has been part of numerous super hit movies. Such is the fascinating mystic world of Casa Mila.
  • The Quarry house is made of natural stone and the top areas are worked with white ceramic tiles enhancing its look as snow-clad mountain. This unusual way of creativity lures millions of visitors who enjoy view of the building that has unusual look. The large stone slabs of the facade used to build the structure were of unusual shapes like in the quarry. The front entrance of the building looks like a huge rock parted with iron ornaments.

When you visit Casa Mila, you can watch the interior decoration attic, top floor and the terrace of the awesome building. In other floors exhibitions are held throughout the year.

How to visit Casa Mila –

  1. You can choose from four kinds of visits like standard day visit, premium day visit, guided visit or you can visit at night hours. During day visit, you can have detailed view for long hours usually chosen by amateur architects and builders. You can have audio guide available in different languages. Premium visit may cost more however you don’t need to stand in queue to wait for your turn of visit. At night, you can enjoy the special light projection show along with the tour of the place. In guided tour, a guide will describe the features of the whole place instead of the audio guide. For casual visit, it only takes couple of hours to visualise the interiors of the unusual art of architecture.
  2. Buying your ticket online or in advance from reputed touring company will be beneficial as the place usually receives hundreds of visitors daily.
  3. You can reach Casa Mila by bus available easily every few minutes in any bus stop of the city. You can even reach by metro in few minutes.

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