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Lisa Dudzik Perth Talks about the Prominent Landmarks of Ontario

Lisa Dudzik Perth Talks about the Prominent Landmarks of Ontario

Lisa Dudzik Perth Talks about the Prominent Landmarks of Ontario

The Canadian province of Ontario is especially renowned for being a natural oasis.  This region houses more than 250,000 lakes, endless forests, extensive wilderness, as well as an abundance of wildlife. Lisa Dudzik, a renowned Australia based travel blogger talks about her trip to this magnificent destination and mentions the must visit landmarks of Ontario. Being an expat, Lisa Dudzik Perth has over the years travelled to many destinations of the globe, including Canada.  She writes quite highly about the factors making Ontario a renowned travel destination in her blog.

Lisa Dudzik Perth mentions the best places to visit in Ontario

The travel blog of Lisa Dudzik Perth marks the various prominent natural, as well as manmade attractions of the Canadian province of Ontario, in her blog. The natural attractions of this province include the Bruce Peninsula National Park, Niagara Escarpment, as well as Algonquin Provincial Park.  This province additionally houses the prosperous cities of Toronto and Ottawa, both of them having a dynamic gastronomy scene, effervescent multicultural neighborhoods, as well as extremely energetic entertainment and art domain. Lisa Dudzik Perth essentially writes about how Ontario is an ideal holiday spot for nature lovers, culturists, historians, as well as fashion enthusiasts.

Here are few of the best places to visit in Ontario:

  • Toronto: This is one of the most culturally-diverse cities of the globe. The Canadian city of Toronto is one of the most visited destinations of the planet. This is an extremely wonderful vibrant cosmopolitan city that can be found constantly buzzing with activity.  People visiting this city can essentially find some of the finest restaurants of the globe as well, along with eclectic festival hubs and trendy clubs. Some of the top attractions of this city include the Royal Ontario Museum, St. Lawrence Market, CN Tower, Toronto Island Park, as well as the Art Gallery of Ontario.
  • Ottawa: This is the capital city of Canada, and is located in the southeastern region of Ontario. Ottawa is located near the border of United States, as well as the neighboring city of Montreal. Lying along the beautiful Ottawa River, this city essentially houses many globally renowned museums, such as the National Gallery of Canada. During the summer time, the park lined Rideau Canal present here tends to overflow with boats. While in the winter months, apple can find a host of ice-skaters enjoying the frozen condition of this region.
  • Algonquin Provincial Park: Spanning about 3000 square miles of land, this park is loaded between the Georgian Bay and the Ottawa River in Ontario. This destination is renowned to be the home to thousands of lakes, a host of maple hills and rocky ridges, as well as over seven hundred miles of rivers and streams.  The Algonquin Provincial Park is an ideal destination for cross-country skiing, camping, fishing, and even mountain biking. Along with a host of plants, people can typically find many animals like moose, deer, beaver and wolves here.

At the blog of Lisa Dudzik Perth people can ideally find more information about the best places to explore in Ontario.

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