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Benefits of Chartering a Private Jet for Your Next Trip

Event hough various commercial airlines are selling upgraded seats, suites, and even private apartments to amplify the coveted first class flying experience,nothing beats the experience associated with flying on a private jet. The difference between these two experiences simply comes down to this: flying in a private is truly all about you and your needs while flying first class is all about the airline at hand. Not to mention, chartering a private jet gives you the absolute freedom to fly wherever you want and whenever you want. Here are some key benefits to chartering a private jet for your next trip:

  • You can land closer to your desired destination: When chartering a private jet, you have the ability to choose your departure and arrival terminals as well as the airport–allowing you to land closer to where you are going. For those who live near private airfields or small, exclusive airports, you will have the opportunity to depart from these areas in order to avoid the busy hustle and bustle of international airports.
  • No layovers: Layovers are a thing of the past when you charter a private jet. You are able to get from point A to point B in one comfortable flight. No more rushing through the airport to make your connecting flight. No more worrying about if your first flights will be delayed, and most importantly, no more spending endless hours in the airport if your flight is inevitably delayed. Even if you are running late, there’s no need to fret, your private jet will wait for you.
  • You choose the food: Even though first class can have decent meals to select from (depending on the airline), with a private jet, you get to select the exact cuisine you are in the mood for. Champagne and charcuterie? You got it. Italian food and a nice bottle of wine? Absolutely. The choice is yours!
  • You can select the aircraft and its interior: You certainly can’t choose the aircraft and its interior on a commercial flight, but with a private jet, you can do just that. Whether you enjoy a classic look of luxury or sophisticated modern, there’s the perfect private jet that will meet all your needs. With a private jet, you can even select the capacity amount.

Enjoy a flight that boats a gorgeous interior, spacious leg room, delectable food, and of course, the destination of your choice with a private jet. No matter how luxurious a first class commercial flight may be, it simply does not top the experience of a private jet.

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This post was written by Largent Fuels. LARGENT specializes in aviation management for cargo, commercial, and general aviation. Our role is to determine the most cost-efficient options for our clients in all aviation related services such as fuel pricing, handling coordination, charter services, aircraft sales, among others. We take pride in our access to high quality products and services that meet the most demanding international standards.

Luxury Cruising


Dubai, which is one of the most glamorous and richest cities in the United Arab Emirates, is the most populated travel tourist attraction in the world and Asia. It is a city attributed with a lot of fun activities and certainly not a pace for travelers with tight budget. Dubai doesn’t just boast of skyscrapers, amazing night life and gold alone, it also boasts of an electrifying Dubai desert safari that intrigues tourist. Dubai desert safari is for tourist with immense love for adventure. The actives at Dubai safari includes desert safari drive, camel ride, entertainment, dune bashing, and many other adventure seeking actives that makes tourist have a sheer adventure experience.

  • The Thrill of Sand Dunes

The red dune safari is described as the most interesting and thrilling desert safari any tourist can experience. It gives tourist an intriguing and alluring experience. The red dune safari drive makes use of a Land cruiser, which allows tourist to explore the Arabian Desert with the view of the spell bounding landscape of the safari desert.  There are plenty of enticing adventures worth enjoying when you ride over a red dune in the Arabian Desert Safari Dubai. The red dune safari tour ride begins with the adrenalin dune bash pumping and continues to Bedouin style campsite. Tourists are allowed to smoke and enjoy the nice rhythm of Arabian music.

·       Enjoy the Ride in SUV

All tours in the desert safari are done in exclusive cars like Hummer and land cruiser. These are the perfect tour cars that are required at dune bashing adventure which offers comfort and a magnificent thrilling experience. The desert safari tour is done in exclusive SUV cars like the Hummer and Land Cruiser. These cars are perfect to enjoy dune bashing adventure that offers a comfortable and thrilling experience. The cars are arranged in a caravan and they are easily accessible. The cars are well maintained and safety gears are all fitted in all cars for your comfort and safety. It is advisable that tourist with health problems should not partake in this adventure.

·       Sand Boarding and Quad Biking

Dessert safari offers more fun adventures and activities other than sand bashing and camel riding. Other exciting fun games that will make you love the safari desert is Sand boarding and Quad biking. Operator’s offers instructions and safety gears to tourist who wishes to partake in these activities. Each activity at the desert safari takes less than an hour and this is enough time to explore the expansive sands across the desert. The sand boarding is an activity that involves the tourist testing his or her skills of balance in the desert. The essence of the Dubai desert safari tour is to give tourist a real thrilling and also the other side of the city experience. The safari deserts tour presents activities that captivate the mind, body and soul thereby captivating the tourist and getting the tourist entangled with the activities. The desert safari gives unique experience that remains in the memories of the tourist.


Visiting the safari desert in Dubai gives you the opportunity to explore the culture of the places you visit. The Dubai safari deserts are one of those trip that allows you to study and understand the culture and way of life of the native Dubai clan who lives in or around its desert. When you find yourself in Dubai desert safari, you can spend the night in a Bedouin style tent in your overnight safari, enjoy Dubai local music and dance performances, and eat Dubai local foods. These are the perfect and super way to understand the culture and lifestyle of the Dubai locals simply look at our Desert Safari Deals.

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Luxury Cruising

Cricut’s Life Is really a Beach Cartridge

Just what do a person envision anytime someone says the term summertime? I usually think from the ocean as well as beach. The Cricut cartridge Life Is really a Beach is unquestionably all concerning the summer period and having a good time.

Using this particular cartridge, you can go through having fruity beverages with document umbrellas in order to going scuba diving off an extravagance cruise deliver, creating fine sand castles about the beach, in order to collecting ocean shells. The Life’s The Beach cartridge features all of this, and much more. Because of the cartridge, you can delight in most the fun stuff that you enjoy about summertime and also the beach, along with everything a person cherish regarding card producing and scrap booking, right within the comfort of your personal house!

Cricut’s Life is really a Beach cartridge is completely loaded along with both amounts and alphabet characters created within an island Tiki design, and lots of fun designs from grinning crabs as well as turtles in order to gorgeous styles of bamboo along with other plants, hibiscus as well as bird associated with paradise blossoms, and lots and a lot of ocean as well as wave shapes that will bring the tropical sunlight and pure beauty to any minute card, scrapbook or even project you can imagine!

Wouldn’t this be enjoyable to decorate your outdoors porch or living room to allow it to be seem just like a day through the water on a daily basis? This is possible by utilizing the Cricut Life is really a Beach cartridge utilizing either Cricut vinyl fabric and eliminating the shapes you prefer or by developing a stencil in order to transfer enjoyable designs as well as shapes in your wall areas, or actually on uncovered cement flooring, curtains or even flower containers, making utilization of stenciling fresh paint.

You may produce awesome function invitations as well as announcements while using included function “Title Words” after which cutting away the name “Party” which has an outdoor umbrella drink connected. Talk regarding easy as well as fun!

Are a person about to take a long-awaited luxury cruise, or have you got photos from a youthful cruise nevertheless sitting inside a box? This is actually the ideal cartridge that will help you create smooth sailing scrapbook webpages. This cartridge even includes a cruise deliver, borders, deliver charms, and also the “Title Words” function which announces Bon Voyage by having an attached cruiseship. How amazing is which?

Keep in your mind that you can cut as much as 5. 5 in . shape as well as letter sizes on the Cricut Device, and as much as 23 inches on the Cricut Phrase. As typical, this cartridge works with just about all die reducing machines through Provo Build. And if you are lucky sufficient to presently own the Cricut Style Studio, you can preview each of the amazing functions. Take my personal word for this, you’re likely to love all you see, so you may as well just do it– purchase it to help you begin having a good time.

Now which summer is actually approaching, your kids will help you go with the stacks associated with photos that you simply snapped in your day outings or a vacation in the seaside, river or even lake, or the actual pictures of the youngster cavorting inside a sandbox, and you are ready to get going scrapbooking. The options are unlimited with this particular truly fun-in-the-sun Cricut cartridge, Life is really a Beach.