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Benefits of Chartering a Private Jet for Your Next Trip

Benefits of Chartering a Private Jet for Your Next Trip

Benefits of Chartering a Private Jet for Your Next Trip

Event hough various commercial airlines are selling upgraded seats, suites, and even private apartments to amplify the coveted first class flying experience,nothing beats the experience associated with flying on a private jet. The difference between these two experiences simply comes down to this: flying in a private is truly all about you and your needs while flying first class is all about the airline at hand. Not to mention, chartering a private jet gives you the absolute freedom to fly wherever you want and whenever you want. Here are some key benefits to chartering a private jet for your next trip:

  • You can land closer to your desired destination: When chartering a private jet, you have the ability to choose your departure and arrival terminals as well as the airport–allowing you to land closer to where you are going. For those who live near private airfields or small, exclusive airports, you will have the opportunity to depart from these areas in order to avoid the busy hustle and bustle of international airports.
  • No layovers: Layovers are a thing of the past when you charter a private jet. You are able to get from point A to point B in one comfortable flight. No more rushing through the airport to make your connecting flight. No more worrying about if your first flights will be delayed, and most importantly, no more spending endless hours in the airport if your flight is inevitably delayed. Even if you are running late, there’s no need to fret, your private jet will wait for you.
  • You choose the food: Even though first class can have decent meals to select from (depending on the airline), with a private jet, you get to select the exact cuisine you are in the mood for. Champagne and charcuterie? You got it. Italian food and a nice bottle of wine? Absolutely. The choice is yours!
  • You can select the aircraft and its interior: You certainly can’t choose the aircraft and its interior on a commercial flight, but with a private jet, you can do just that. Whether you enjoy a classic look of luxury or sophisticated modern, there’s the perfect private jet that will meet all your needs. With a private jet, you can even select the capacity amount.

Enjoy a flight that boats a gorgeous interior, spacious leg room, delectable food, and of course, the destination of your choice with a private jet. No matter how luxurious a first class commercial flight may be, it simply does not top the experience of a private jet.

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This post was written by Largent Fuels. LARGENT specializes in aviation management for cargo, commercial, and general aviation. Our role is to determine the most cost-efficient options for our clients in all aviation related services such as fuel pricing, handling coordination, charter services, aircraft sales, among others. We take pride in our access to high quality products and services that meet the most demanding international standards.

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