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For those who think an unforgettable nightlife experience is the perfect fit for a stag do, here is a precious advice: go visit Bucharest! Hot clubbing atmosphere, nice party people, and cheap booze – that is a recipe you’ll never find somewhere else in Europe.

When it comes to having fun and living the moment, Romanians are famous, especially because of Bucharest nightclub offer. Various but tailored, the night scene is always spiced with crazy party people. It will definitely give you a good vibe from the moment you step in the door of any pub or bar. The fun will be even bigger if you come here in an organized group, like a stag night out in Bucharest.

Here are three prolific ideas that may help you:

  1. Tandem Sky Diving

A stag do is definitely that one in a lifetime experience that your groom needs to spice with a little bit of adrenaline. Sky Diving is, for sure, something that you don’t get to do every day. And if you want to double the fun for your stag, a Tandem Sky Diving will resolve the problem.

Give your groom the chance to experiment the fastest heartbeat of his life by throwing herself from 3000 meters high. After this experience, the ‘Yes, I will marrie you’ experience will be nothing more than a piece of cake.

If you want the whole adventure to be truly unforgettable, you can get your jump on tape.

  1. Bowling, Burgers and Beer

No matter how ordinary it seems, some classic boy activity will remember you that the marriage isn’t so much of a reason for your groupie time to be decreasing. To make the activity a little more interesting, you can organize your own bowling competition and introduce your own prizes and penalties.

One hour of bowling tournament is just the right activity for your competitive boy attitude to shine in the spotlight.  For the experience to be complete, you can top off the competition with burgers and a side of fries, accompanied by a round of ice cold beers.

  1. Experience the amazing Bucharest nightlife

Everyone who has ever been in Bucharest can tell you that missing the nightlife experience in here is not a good idea. The city is crowded with all sort of clubs, bars, and pubs, so you’ll definitely find something to please you.

If you want something more sophisticated, you can prepare your groom for a VIP night clubbing. With the right offer from your organizer, you can spare yourself from crowding in the queue and head straight to your reserved table in the VIP section of Bucharest’s most attended clubs.

Whatever your choice will be, you must keep in mind that Bucharest is all about good vibe, marvelous people, and never-to-miss activities.

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