5 Perfect Travel Destinations For Extroverts [With ideal activities to indulge in]

Talkative, sociable, action-oriented, enthusiastic, friendly, and outgoing- do these adjectives describe your personality? If your answer is a big ‘YES’, you are surely an extrovert. As the Cambridge dictionary describes, “An extrovert is an energetic happy person who enjoys being with other people.” Extroverts ‘recharge’ from being around with people and nobody can stop them making friends while traveling. Their vacation planning includes mostly the places like concerts, parties, supermarkets, or any other place packed with PEOPLE. So, after an extensive research, here we present a list of destinations for extroverts and activities they offer.

  1. Dublin, Ireland

Be it Cafe Moda, the Rathgar Bookshop, or IFI Bar, Dublin is full of people in every season and every time of the day. The city is never short of places where you can meet and explore different kinds of individuals. The city has some wonderful restaurants offering yummy cakes and coffee.

What to do

  • Find a local pub crawl (the best way to find a group of extroverts).
  • Unwind yourself at the Library Bar with crackling open fire.
  1. Koh Phangan, Thailand

The extroverts would love the blend of island hopping in Thailand with exploring the incredible people and delicious food of this gorgeous country. Especially if you are there with your group, you can’t afford to miss the ‘Full Moon Party’ in Koh Phangan. When thousands of people gather at the exotic beach in Koh Phangan, you can’t stop marveling each moment!

What to do

  • Join a Thai Cooking Class to get into the local cuisine.
  • Take a trip to nearby party places to meet other tourists.
  1. San Francisco, United States

With world-class restaurants, ‘hottest’ nightclubs, and exclusive shopping area, San Francisco is a paradise for all the extroverts. The ‘big’ city of United States has something for everyone. As you explore the Golden Gate Bridge, you will come across some wonderful cafes full of wonderful people.

What to do

  • Go couch surfing and travel throughout the city.
  • Shop at the San Francisco Shopping Center in Union Square.
  1. Tokyo, Japan

Catch the ‘big boys’ in action in Tokyo’s largest Sumo Stadium or explore the seafood in Tsukiji’s inner market with your group, and you will be floating in the fun. The city also boasts some unique restaurants such as Fantasy Dining Alice in a Labyrinth. The capital of Japan offers plenty of cool and unusual places for the ‘outgoing’ people. You can explore more by using consolidated trip planner offering range of such activities.

Image credit: Simon Q

What to do

  • Visit the best Karaoke Bar in the world here.
  • Head to the Vampire cafe or Kabukicho Robot Restaurant to taste the Tokyo cuisine in a unique style.
  1. Uttar Pradesh, India

The country that gave birth to spirituality has a great number of attractions for the extroverts. The streets of Darbhanga with its Aloo Chaat and the festivities of Diwali in Varanasi make each moment of life a celebration. The abode of Ganga and Yamuna is full of tourists throughout the year.

What to do

  • Explore the temples of Varanasi and palaces of Lucknow.
  • Taste the sumptuous north-Indian food in the restaurants of Agra.

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