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6 Packing Essentials for Your Overland Trip

6 Packing Essentials for Your Overland Trip

6 Packing Essentials for Your Overland Trip


Whether you’re driving through mountains or bouncing across sand dunes, there are certain things that you’ll need for every overland trip. Here are just a few essentials to stick in your storage compartment before you take off!

  1. Fire Starter

It doesn’t matter if it’s a magnesium flint or a genuine lighter. You should always have some method of fire-starting on your person, especially if you’ll be cooking your own food and boiling your own water. You don’t want to take any risks with sanitation.

  1. Tarp

Tarps can be used for all kinds of things, so they’re handy multipurpose tools for campers, hikers, trekkers and over landers. Use them for sleeping; use them for shelter. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Winch

This is one of the essentials in overland vehicle equipment. It’ll be a lifesaver if your vehicle ever gets stuck in the mud or if you ever need to lift, haul, carry or transport something! Stick it in the trunk just in case.

  1. Navigational Tools

Maybe you like old-fashioned maps. Maybe you have a fancy new GPS system that you’ve been dying to try out. There’s no right or wrong way to navigate; there are just different methods for solving the same problem.

  1. Power

If you’ll be using a lot of gadgets, you’ll need a way to keep them juiced up. The good news is that modern technology is full of portable charging units; some of them can even be hooked up to your car. It won’t be a problem to keep yourself in power.

  1. Emergency Supplies

Last but certainly not least, always have emergency supplies in your vehicle. If you don’t wind up needing them, great! But you’ll appreciate a first aid kit or a spare tire if disaster strikes.

These are just a few essential items for overland trips. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling to the savannas of Africa or the outback country of Australia; the basic needs of humans in the wilderness won’t change, so make sure that you’ve packed everything on this list for a safe and well-stocked trip!

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