Best train journeys to take with your better half

Indian Railways is known for its huge network of train routes all over the country. Among all those routes, there is definitely a few that offers a great chance to have a romantic train journey with your partner.

With the online booking facilities and the Tatkal Booking Timingshaving such romantic journeys becomes highly convenient. All you need to do is select the correct route.

Here are some of the best train journeys that you can make with your better half.

  1. Nilgiri Mountain Railway

Mountains are the best vistas to bring out the romance between couples. The relaxing beauty of the mountains and the greenery is what brings two hearts together. This is exactly what you achieve during the journey of Nilgiri Mountain Railway. The slow ride on the train allows the partners to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the mountains found in Tamil Nadu. The route of the train covers the hills of Ooty and goes through the dense jungles that offer an incredible view.

  1. Toy train of Darjeeling railway

The Himalayan railway manages the toy train that runs on an 82 km track. The journey starts from Siliguri and takes multiple turns, tunnels, and bridges to reach Darjeeling. The train goes on high altitudes, which allow you to explore the true beauty of this Himalayan region from a height of 2,257 meters. However, the altitude keeps on reducing and increasing due to the route of the train. The view of the snow covered peaks of Mount Kanchenjunga makes for a picture perfect train ride.

  1. Kalka to Shimla Railway

Shimla is one of the most beloved hill stations in India. And there is no other perfect way to explore its beauty than the Kalka-Shimla Railway ride. The train ride goes up to a high 1420 meters and crosses more than 100 tunnels and about 800 bridges. During this journey, the beautiful waterfalls, flowers, and other picturesque sceneries keep treating your eyes and heart. The whole journey takes about 5 to 6 hours.

  1. The Golden Chariot

The Golden Chariot is a luxurious and romantic train experience for couples. With more than 40 cabins, this luxury train runs from Karnataka to Goa. The amenities on the train completely justify the name. You get to have a lounge bar, two restaurants, gym, spa, massage center and other world-class luxuries in the train.

The whole journey takes 8 days, during which you cover Karnataka, Mysore, Hampi, Goa. The train finally returns to Bangalore.

  1. Goa Express

Among all the passenger trains in the region of Goa, this one offers the most romantic views. The express train offers the beautiful view of mesmerising Dudhsagar waterfalls. The journey of this passenger train starts from Vasco and the end station is Londa.

These train routes are the most cherished options for couples due to the sceneries they bring with them during the journey. So, next time when you desire to have a starry-eyed experience with your partner, take a look at the seat availability in one of these trains and book a scintillating train journey.

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