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Best Travel Portal Development Companies in UAE

Best Travel Portal Development Companies in UAE

Best Travel Portal Development Companies in UAE

With 50 % of south asian workforce in UAE the majority of travel portal development companies are from India which comprises of almost 80 % of the Economy of South Asia.Below we will discuss some of the best Travel Portal Development companies in India:

    1. Travelpd- Bengaluru based company with clients across the globe , which provides onsite as well as offshore engagement services to develop quality and efficient travel portals for the clients.They develop applications with GDS as well as API integration with their portal.
    1. Enuke Software – Delhi NCR based software development company, having huge client base ranging from asian countries to american continents provides most cost-effective, secure and efficient solutions to their clients with the latest GDS and API integrated portals. The Company has qualified developers in the domain of Travel Portal Development who provide quality product and work 24*7 for delivering best services.
    1. Provab- Bengaluru based company, provides integrated GDS as well as API’s     technologies for flight as well as hotel booking, having clients from USA,India, Middle east, North America, Far east, Europe and Africa.
    1. TravelOTAS- Ahmedabad based firm, providing integrated APIs for Car, Flight and Hotel booking portal development.
    1. Brevity software- Ahmedabad based firm offering integrated GDS services     with travel portals for the clients based on pan globe.
    1. Trawex- Bengaluru based firm, offering booking engine in facebook, XML/API integration & white integration based portals etc with client base from Africa, South asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, North America and Central America.
    1. SC Technologies pvt ltd – Delhi NCR based firm, providing integrated     API/XML, GDS portals for Flights , Buses, Hotels booking .
    1. Travelomatix- Bengaluru based company specialising in Flight booking hotel     booking, bus and holiday packages , it doesn’t uses integrated GDS and APIs for portals instead it integrates ERP suites such as Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite etc. They help Travel agencies, Start up travel companies , Tour operators. They have pan globe client base.
  1. Teknokraaft- Kerala based company, with the client base of pan globe, they use GDS as well as non-GDS and API integration for their travel portals.

For better return on investment one should focus on the following parameters to evaluate a travel portal development company:

    • Client Base and their testimonials- The type of clients and from where they are says a lot about the experience of the company, good client base for example whether the company has client base of their own country itself or they have foreign clients or they are pan globe, along with their testimonials says a lot about their service delivery.
    • Portfolio- It depicts the type of projects they have worked and executed which will give the clear idea about the working procedure and experience of the company. 
    • If the company has foreign client base then they must know the language of that particular country as effective communication plays a vital role in the project development.
  • Expert developers- Whether the company has the team of expert developers or not this can be known by the above discussed points, as the portal consists of Flight booking , Travel insurance, cab booking, Hotel     booking, bus, holiday packages. To have this all in one place Application program interface(API) of all the categories are to be integrated with the developed website, which is not an easy task and for this expert developers with good experience are required.

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