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A small coastal town at the Far East end of the Indian Map is Diu in Diu islands. Surrounded by the mighty Arabian Sea this coastal town is detached from the state of Gujarat and can only be reached by a bridge connecting the two. Tourists with a bit of edge for archaeological and historical locations look for Diu in India Honeymoon & Romantic Packages. The experience at Diu is a blend of knowledgeable encounters and sun tans from the large number of beaches. Newlyweds looking at a different form of romanticism opt for Diu in Diu islands for their honeymoons.

Reaching Diu

Diu can be reached from Ahmadabad which has both railway station and airport using a bus or a vehicle service. It is also an hour drive from Mumbai. However tourists opting for Diu as a honeymoon are suggested to take the road from Mumbai since the drive altogether along the coasts of Arabian Sea in itself is amazingly romantic.

 Why Choose Diu?

People and couples all over the world look for Honeymoon & Romantic packages in India because of the rich cultural, historical and landscape diversity the country has to offer. Diu, in Diu Islands forms a part of major tourism agencies and companies in their honeymoon packages mainly for the large variety of beaches and old archaeological and historical attractions. India Honeymoon & Romantic Packages are mostly guided by providing a jaw-dropping experience to all newlyweds to ensure that their honeymoon experience creates an impression. Travel companies include Diu as a part of their Cheap Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India.

Places to Visit

Diu offers a large number of places for the tourists to visit and enjoy themselves while being on vacation. There are around 4 beaches in Diu – Jalandhar Beach, Ghogla Beach, Chakratirth Beach and Khodidhar Beach and other tourist locations like Fort Diu, St. Pauls Church Diu, Naida Caves, Diu Museum, Pani Kotha, INS Khukery and the Tower of Silence. These wide varieties of beaches and historical locations attract a huge amount of tourists each year. It forms a major part of the honeymoon tour packages in India for the newlyweds.

Where to Stay?

The Best Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India offering Diu as their location generally provides Azzaro Resorts & Ganga Spa, a 5 star property located in the heart of the town as their choice of premium accommodation. This resort provides a brilliant experience of premium stay coupled with various exotic activities that seems to very alluring to all the couples staying here.

What more to expect?

Since Diu is a coastal town it is mainly known for the wide varieties of seafood that can be offered at its best. Mouth-watering seafood and beverages come at astounding prices. It is believed that the beverages are cheaper than Goa and provides a brilliant reason for all couples to enjoy their loving honeymoons with some good food, beverages and parties that bring the entire coastal town to life. The shacks along the beach offer an experience of parties and nightlife which one can enjoy in the entire duration of their stay in Diu. Apart from food and parties, couples generally choose Diu because it is secluded and not as crowded as Goa while providing the similar experiences that Goa has to offer.

What to eat?

Along with travelling and shopping tourists also look at having some gastronomically amazing experiences whenever they travel. Coastal towns paint a picture of brilliant Seafood cuisine in our minds. Tourists visiting this town can expect quite a few places which provide a gluttonous experience along with everything else. Lobster and Crabs are especially the most famous and amazing seafood cuisines that the restaurants in Diu have to offer. The Crab Meat dishes in the shacks lining the entire beach in Diu is a delicacy and provides a mouth-watering experience to tourists who flock this place each year looking for a gastronomic experience along with all the travelling. Fishes that are found in the restaurants in Diu are of much larger size, fresh and brilliant to taste thereby also providing an experience of relinquishing on seafood for the tourists visiting this place each year.

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