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Getting Around Salzburg after Landing

Getting Around Salzburg after Landing

Getting Around Salzburg after Landing


Salzburg is a city located in the northern region of Austria and you can reach it by plane very easily. In fact, the city airport, also named W.A. Mozart after the famous composer, is a big airport and Salzburg airport transfers are almost everywhere. Getting around an unknown city can be tricky, but this Austrian wonderland has everything sorted out. Routes are updated day by day on the internet. So if you’re not eager to choose a taxi, the public transportation system in Salzburg will give you a hand.

Let’s see below the top choices for tourists to get around Salzburg

By bus/trolleybus

As stated above, Salzburg has a complex network of public transportation, and the traffic is almost zero, thanks to this network. The airport is almost 3 miles away from the city center, so a ride by bus will take probably less than 20 minutes. Bus and trolleybus tickets are 2.5 € a ride, which makes it worth the wait. Children under 15 years old pay 1.3 € for a ride.

Aside from buses and trolleybuses, there is another service that Salzburg is famous for and this is named Bus Taxi. These buses run late in the night until 3 a.m. So in case you’re going partying late into the night, be assured that you will get home without the fear of getting stranded somewhere. The price is a little higher than regular buses, going up to 4.5 €

By foot

After you’ve arrived at the hotel, you can use the same transportation service to get around the city. But most tourists are eager to go on foot to visit the city center and to catch a glimpse at the magnificent architecture. Nonetheless, if you’re tired of getting around by foot, bus stops are everywhere.

By bike

In the summertime, most tourists turn to rental bikes. This is one of the most voted ways to get across Salzburg in the summertime when the weather is perfect for visiting the lush gardens and parks. As a matter of fact, Salzburg has 105 miles of bicycle tracks and more than 5000 parking spaces for bikes scattered across town. Tourists named the city of Salzburg the most bicycle friendly town in the country.

By car

This variant is not recommended as Salzburg has narrow streets and parking spaces are limited. For this reason, people usually turn to public transportation and the number of car owners is little compared to the people that use buses and bikes.

Parking spaces, although they’re limited, are very costly also. To be remembered that Sundays, parking is free of charge. On normal days, parking for a whole day costs you about 5 €.

To conclude the above information, getting around Salzburg is a piece of cake because the transportation system is state of the art and very complex. Buses and trolleybuses work around the clock and Bus Taxis work until 3 a.m. in the morning, so you won’t be caught partying somewhere without going home.



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