Here’s How to Plan an Off-Beat Vacation to Ooty

Thick forests with lush wildlife and trees, nestled in nature’s lap in Nilgiri Mountains is Ooty. It’s the most beautiful and the mostsought-after hill stations of South India. Short for Ootacamund, Ooty is well connected via railways and roads. This makes it a very popular summer vacation spot for people all over the country. But there’s a different kind of vacation that you can take in the same Ooty that you have been to a million times with friends and family. The kind of vacation which will make you fall in love with this place all over again. Here’s how you can plan an off-beat vacation to Ooty without any extra expense.

Take a Tea Making Tour

Apart from all the usual tourist activities you can do in Ooty, the city is also known for its massive tea gardens and plantations. One of the most magical and off-beat things to do in here is to take a tour ofplantations. Several tea plantations in the city offer guided tours where you can learn about everything starting from picking tea leaves to rolling, withering, drying, sifting and all other processes involved in the journey of the tea plantation. Finally, you also get to make the perfect cuppa from the leaves that you picked which makes you appreciate all the hard work and effort that goes into making the perfect beverage. And to put the cherry on the top, the views from these plantations will leave you spellbound as well.

Explore The Unexplored Lakes

Ooty is so much more than just the Pykara Lake. What is the fun in sharing the view with hundreds of other tourists when you can have an equally amazing view all by yourself? The mountains surrounding the city are filled with unexplored lakes and majestic views. You can find low cost hotels in Ootyeasily where you can place your stuff for the day, rent a drive, head out and explore the beauty. Go to Emerald Lake in the afternoon which is well connected, and you can laze down on its shore with your favourite book. Make your way to Upper Bhavani lake next and relax in its peaceful and calm setting. The wilderness and serenity here will definitely excite you. And finally, watch the sunset while coming back on the shores of Avalanche Lake which will make all the drive to this faraway spot worthwhile.

Wildlife Safari InBandipur National Park

Bandipur National Park is situated at almost one-and-a-half-hour drive from Ooty, and the wildlife safari is one of the most exciting things that one can do here. Established as a tiger reserve in 1974, Bandipur National Park is native home to the national animal of India and a large number of other flora and fauna. You get to be the perfect forest explorer with a trip here where you can rent a forest vehicle and go out to catch glimpses of some of the most elusive wild animals that you have only seen in books and zoos. From elephants to deer to wild boars, many exciting and wild encounters you have here,  are bound to make a lasting impression on you.

With these pointers in mind, it is really easy to have a trip to Ooty without doing the same old activities all the time. Ooty has a lot to offer while still being relatively cheap on the pocket. You can find low cost hotels in Ootyvery easily and there are unexplored and off-beat places all around which can make your next vacation in this beautiful hill station truly a memorable experience.

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