Martin Sanders Offers Tips to Capture Brilliant Street Photographs for Travelers

Traveling and photography are two interconnected or inseparable words. One, who loves traveling, definitely has knack towards photography. Martin Sanders says, in order tocapture some brilliant photographs you of course need a posh camera, preferably a DSLR camera. But, having a posh device is not just good enough. You need to show enough presence of mind as well as skills as a photographer. These things come from practice. So, you should take the opportunities of traveling more frequently and capturing as much photographs as you can. Before pressing camera shutter, keeping the following tips in mind would be helpful.

So, in the following section, let’s check out some useful tips or tricks that can potentially help you to click some brilliant street photographs.

Gear up with Different Lenses As Suggested By Martin Sanders

If you have DSLR camera, you shall get a basic kit lens at the beginning. This basic lens is not good enough to click some professional level photographs. To capture better photographs, you need to invest in lenses. The most important thing is to have a good zoom telephoto lens. It helps to capture objects that are not near to you. Most of the cases, photographers want candid pictures when it comes to street photography. As you move closer to the subject, you shall miss the candid charm. People get conscious when they get photographed. If you want to get the nature expressions, you need to have zoom telephoto lens.

To capture portraits on the street of kids or interesting persons, you can also consider purchasing portrait lens. To add distortion effects to the photographs, many photographers use fish eye lens. Apart from these, different other kinds of lenses are there.

Avoid Tourist Places

You need to understand the difference between tourist and traveler. Tourists are typical explorers who want to follow a set itinerary during the trip. Travelers often do not follow any itinerary. They want to explore untamed beauty of nature, vibrant or colorful cultural hue of local people, etc. Tourist places could be often found to be quite bustling and commercialized. It is better to avoid such crowded place. Better photographs come from the places where life goes on its slow as well as natural pace.

Get Friendly with Local People

Some people go to a place and start capturing photographs of local people. This is completely unethical. Moreover, this can make local people offended. A traveler always wants to talk with local people to know more about their lifestyles. Understanding their lifestyles will help you to get better photographs of the people.

Early Morning Photography a Hill Station

If you are on a trip to a misty hill station, early morning is the right time for photography. You shall get the magical hue of sun on your photographs and little haze or moisture in the air will add furthermore brilliance to the photographs. Nevertheless, early morning keeps the streets of hill station filled with local people only. As per Martin Sanders that tourists do not generally venture outside at early morning, leaving comfort of bed. At hill areas, life starts at early morning. You shall find a lot of activities around at this time. Thus, this is the ideal time for clicking some brilliant street photographs.

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