Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals From Elan Vacations Helps You Enjoy Holidays

It does not feel good to see your furry friend staying alone at home or at a not-so-friendly pet care home when you are all set to spend one of the wettest and glorious vacations at one of the pristine beaches of North Carolina. Elan Vacations comes to your rescue by bringing the most beautiful and affordable beach vacation rentals that your family will not only love, but one that would also welcome your pet. Elan Vacations, well known for their vacation rentals provide pet-friendly beach vacation rentals. So, it is not only you who would be having a great time, but one of the most memorable holidays for your four-pawed friend too.

The idea of letting pets in at the vacation rentals does not sit well with everyone. However, this can’t be denied that vacation rentals that are marketed as pet-friendly scores over the ones that do not entertain pets. This is an additional feature, a perk that tastes sweet, and can definitely reap good rewards. If one is smart, they would try to make the vacation rental sell in every possible manner to their client, and this feature happens to be just one of the baits.

For those who are ignorant of how a pet-friendly vacation rental puts them in a better place needs to know the many benefits that they are likely to derive from them

The Positive Points

Statistics show that in 2012 nearly 29 million US vacationers traveled with their pets. The demand has already been created and the need was for more such vacation rentals that would take in pets.

Pets are being considered as family member. Whether one travels solo, or is a retiree or a family travels together, the trend is to tag the pet along on vacation. That way the owners do not feel guilty of leaving their pets alone and scared. They are wonderful company and hence pet owners do not mind pitching in a bit more for their four-legged friends. Also vacation rentals which allow pets attract a bigger crowd even during the off-seasons which helps them tide over the less tourist influx and cash flow for certain time of the year.

Another positive point about pet-friendly vacation rentals in that they can enjoy maximum profit by offering the pets accommodation. They have the ground to claim more from the pet owners on the basis of the special facilities that they provide to their unique guests. Pet friendly vacation rentals from Elan Vacations for example offers dog dishes, chewable toys, feeding mats and more.

Pet-friendly accommodations also charge high security deposits for any damage that is caused by the pet. The charges usually cover damages by scratches, carpet cleaning, removing hair and more. Security deposits are charged, and if any large scale replacement are needed then the cost is deducted from the deposited amount.

There are other advantages that pet friendly vacation rentals offer. Compared to hotels, the space is bigger in the hotel room which makes it a favorable choice for pet owners. There are also pet-friendly parks, long beaches, secure yard and more facilities that pet owners find useful. The feedback from the clients is good and highly satisfactorily. The positive feedback helps in getting future bookings.

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