Play Pokemon Go in Style and Comfort

Travelling go very hectic and bored hen you have nothing to do. People use to play different games solely or with their fellow riders when they are traveling. It helps in making their journey joyful. So make fun plans and call your team members to play Pokemon go. Whether you’re reliving the fun of the original Pokémon Nintendo games or remembering trading Pokémon cards, Pokémon Go is clearly making its mark on the nation. The game continues on, but it can be hard to ramp up the search in the heat and humidity of Toronto. Instead of combing the streets on foot and returning to a hot car, why not plan your next Pokémon capture from the cool, safe environment of your own private team.

 Pokémon Go Package

  • 3-hour package for 8-13 team members ($23-37.50 per person)
  • Air-conditioned environment to plan strategy
  • Team signs
  • In-vehicle charging stations
  • Wi-Fi hot spot
  • 30-minute lures and assorted incense
  • Larger group accommodation (up to 37 passengers)

Make a party plan with friends and family to enjoy your vacations during this summer. Play Pokemon Go on the way to party venue will make journey unforgettable and feel your guests so special. Our chauffeurs provide you smooth and comfortable ride. Players feel homely style comfort in limo.

A chauffeured vehicle is the perfect way to gather friends for a Pokémon Go hunt. Choose your own locations, stops and Pokemon Go goals from the cool comfort of a chauffeured car with stereo sound and a complimentary Monster Party cooler of beverages and snack to keep you fueled for battle. When you book, let limo service Toronto know your team name and we’ll have team signs ready in addition to complimentary 30-minute lures and assorted incense for additional monster-catching opportunities.

Limo provides you a new way to play Pokemon Go in style and comfort with a luxurious ride. Players feel so special and happy as they play while traveling.

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