Ten things you need check before you set off for Umrah

Umrah or Hajj is a thorough spiritual experience therefore; people often forget the necessary aspects of the journey as they are overwhelmed at the opportunity. However, being self-sufficient during this journey could be the best policy. Anyone who is travelling to Saudi Arabia with the intent of Umrah or Hajj should keep the following advices in mind to avoid wasting time there when you should be praying and offering the rites. If you are going on a luxury Umrah package for family, these things do not include in the luxury Umrah packages total cost. You got to do this stuff for you on your own.

Homework is Important

No, we are not asking you to do that school homework again. You need to prepare yourself for the journey beforehand to avoid any inconvenience when in Makah. Any convenience that might occur will inhibit you to concentrate properly on the prayers. Therefore, when you have done all the paperwork and confirmed the dates, take out a paper and jot down all the necessary things you might need there. Moreover, in order to understand the steps and rites, try getting a book or read some online scripts to be pre-informed about the procedure of the Umrah. One good book could be the book namely, “the ultimate Guide to Umrah”. Buy it and read it chapter by chapter. It will make the entire process easy to understand. You do not need the tour head to narrate you all separately.

Get a Good Company

This journey is long and takes a lot of toll on the physical heath of any person. Well that is itself a part of this journey. This could be made better if you have a good company with whom you could share your journey and its sanctity. Good travel companions will make this journey more informative and you’ll be able to cover more places in lesser time as you would not need to do everything on your own. You could divide your responsibilities. Also, it will important in waking up for Tahajud and offering the rituals which are difficult for anyone to do alone.

Keep in mind the Rules of Ihram

Knowing the rules of the ihram and also the dos and the don’ts of the entire journey should be strictly obeyed. There is a list of dos and don’ts which have to be kept in mind when anyone is in the state of ihram. Using scented sops, sexual activity, and other such stuff should be observed as per the rules that have been allotted by Islam. Covering your Awrah and not wearing anything else except for the ihram is important. Make sure you protect it properly and do not expose it to anyone. If any of these rules is broken; the state of ihram is nullified.

Keep Hygiene Factor in Mind when getting the Haircut

Hygiene is very necessary. Along with observing it generally when you are carrying out daily life chores, on the Umrah keeping it in mind when having a haircut is also necessary. Make sure that the blades your barber uses are sterile. The best thing you could do to avoid any doubt is that you could carry your own blade as you could never be sure about the hygiene.

Visiting Rawdah

Rawdah is a segment of paradise located in Medina. It is best to visit it during the night. It is mostly occupied in the day time with scores and scores of people. But instead of missing out the opportunity of praying there, go to the place in night. Apart from that interaction with those whom you are travelling as this will make your journey easier and more fun.

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