The best Online Food delivery in train service in more than 150 stations

Eat healthful, delicious and hot food in train:

It was very tough in the past to eat hot, delicious and clean food in train. But now, that time is no more. Now, it is the time of Online Food Delivery in train that is providing the best food services to their clients. They are taking care of their customers and giving them what they need at railway stations.  You can order from the train for your food and also your loving ones can send you food from their home, and this food delivery service will deliver you your desired food.

Online Food delivery in train:

The best Online Food Delivery in train is here for you. They are working in more than 150 railway stations within India. You can order them to eat entirely healthful, tasty, hot, delicious and standard food at affordable prices. You can get your food within the time mentioned. Now, everyone will eat nutritious food in train.

 Order food on the train with these easy steps:

There are four stages to receiving clean, tasty hot and delicious food in your train. All of them are described in a simple way to for you. Have a look at them.

·       Enter PNR or the train number:

If you are willing to eat delicious and hygienic food in the train, then the first step for this process is to enter train number or the PNR number. For this purpose, Android application is also available. You can install the application on your phone to receive delicious and hot food on more than 150 stations in India.

·       Choose your favorite food:

After entering the train number, you have to select your favorite food out of a larger menu. All the food dishes will be hygienic and will be fresh. You will never give a wrong comment about food because the food you will select will be from a standard restaurant and we will deliver you that in minimum time.

·       Pay online or by cash on delivery:

There are two options for you to pay the price of selected food. Either you can pay your bill by your phone, or you can give cash on delivery. It is the best feature of this travel eatery. You can say it is a type of running restaurant by which you can enjoy thousands of your favorite food. It is very easy.

·       Enjoy the food on the station:

After entering train number, you have to select menu, and then you can receive your selected food on your desired location. You can send food to you loving ones by giving orders. You can pay for them if they have not enough money to eat. In this way, you can send clean, hot and delicious food to your friendly ones.

It is the procedure of best Online Food delivery in train service. You can order from your Android phone to enjoy the best food in train.

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