The Magic which is Bermuda


The 21-mile expanse of this island nation may seem unsatisfying but Bermuda is bestowed with incomparable pink sandy beaches, temperate heat, a colourful and rich history, and irreplaceable natural wonders making it anyone’s personal Eden – a paradise for relaxation and romance. On top of it all, Bermuda luxury hotels are just strewn in this minute yet incomparable island nation. Whether you are up for a grand time by the splattering and bouncing off waves in the sea, sweating it up on unique island trekking on land, or flying like a bird up in the air, the choices in Bermuda are limitless.


The beaches in Bermuda are magical. Not to mention the unique blushing pink sand, every cove or sandy stretch is just right at the corner of the resorts in Bermuda. Hard to be missed are the water sports concessionaires lining up the shore for guests to enjoy. The beaches are divine and choosing a favourite would be an arduous task. For those seeking a quiet time, seclusion and serenity, Astwood Cove, with its commanding yet majestic cliffs as a backdrop, sure is the perfect place. Easily considered as one of the most popular beaches in Bermuda, Elbow Beach is an assurance of a sun-drenched grandiosity. Horseshoe Bay Beach is never to be discounted with its magnificent clear waters and its pink sandy stretch of low vegetation for a day of frolicking.

Things to Do

Upon starting a trip to Bermuda you must a visit to the World Heritage Center in St. George is an illumination of the island’s history and culture. Tourists can enjoy a few bits of information that helped shape Bermuda into the nation that it is now. The Bermuda Anglican Cathedral in Hamilton is a marvel to explore with its neo-gothic design and impressive architecture. The Horseshoe Bay Beach alone is a haven for countless water sports like snorkelling, scuba diving and even, windsurfing. Another top draw is a visit to the Royal Navy Dockyard for a glimpse at World War II British splendour. Of course, in Bermuda all-inclusive resorts, photography on birds, caves, dolphins and nature reserves is almost second nature.


Staying in any resort in Bermuda would mean a great shopping escape because of the sales tax exemption. Products ranging from jewellery to everyday necessities are ubiquitous in this island nation. For a Bermudan collectable to be brought back home, the Bermuda Arts Center at the Dockyard is home to the most exquisite pieces (especially the quilts). For top quality cigars, the Chatham house is the perfect destination. Of course, the local Duty-Free is never to be missed for a taste of home away from home.

Eating and Drinking

Bermuda is legendary for its open-mic session and there is no place to get a first-hand taste of this than in Chewstick’s Neo-Griot Lounge a few steps away from most Bermuda luxury hotels. The Barracuda Bar with a typical yet classy lounge-style ambience is perfect for a night of suave and classy fun. For a Bermudan party of all walks of life, head out to the Spinning Wheel Entertainment Complex. However, nothing beats the Night Cruise offered by no less but by the island’s tested navigators.

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