No doubt Dubai is the fun and beautiful playground on the Persian Gulf. This city is the most relaxed destination on the region. You need to understand the local rules before visiting. If you cross the rules and line, the result can be worse and may be thrown in jail. So just follow the basic guidelines, rules and sensitive culture, you can have a good time and safe journey without disturbance.

  • Drinking:

Dubai is Islamic country with majority of people belongs to western. Foreign residents can only be allowed to drink after attaining the legal age of 21. You can drink alcohol at home, if you obtained a license. Drinking in public is not allowed neither is being drunk in public. Although, you might came across different bars during the desert safari Dubai Dubai visit but don’t get drunk so that you have an opportunity to enjoy different activities in desert safari.

Drunk and Driving:

If you are in drunken condition, you are not allowed to drive the car by yourself. Get a taxi or let your friend/wife drive a car.

  • Over-Speeding:

The signposted are placed at the side of the roads to inform you the right thing and are there for a purpose.  Your ignorance will lead you to pay a large fine. If you want to enjoy the speedy rides in the desert of Dubai, you should give a visit to Desert Safari Dubai Dubai where you can enjoy dune bashing and quad biking.

  • Mobile Phone And Driving:

While driving, using a phone can create a major problem for you. If you do not have Bluetooth device or hand free, never think of picking a call.

  • Sex outside of marriage:

This is completely illegal and strictly not allowed to do this. If anyone caught doing this, there are severe penalties for them.

  • Smoking:

Smoking is not allowed in public spaces specially shopping malls, government building and shops. Don’t get yourself caught lighting up or else be prepared to get a severe punishment. But mostly desert safari Dubai Dubai tour operators provide you the facility to smoke shisha.

  • Photos of people:

Taking anyone’s photo without their permission is illegal and can create trouble for you. You can be arrested and fined for doing so. You must have permission of that person if you want to take a photo.

  • Photos of buildings:

In general, photographs of government buildings, mosques and military installations should not be taken.

Eating in Ramadan:

Each person should show respect towards the believer of others religions. Give respect to get respect. It is illegal for non-Muslims to eat, drink or smoke in front of Muslims between sunrise and sunset during Ramadan.

  • Medicines:

Many items we take for granted to cure our aches and pains are in fact illegal in Dubai. Always check and recheck before entering the UAE with any kind of medication.

  • Drugs:

The penalties for drugs are swift and severe. Drug related incidents like holding, taking, buying or selling any kind of drug can lead to life in jail at best or at worst, the death penalty.

  • Loud music and dancing:

Loud music and dancing is forbidden in public places like the beach, parks and residential areas. It is restricted to licensed venues. If you really want to enjoy music and different types of dances, you must pay a visit to Desert Safari Dubai  Dubai.

  • Shaking hands:

When a man is introduced to an Arab or Emirati woman do not go to shake her hand unless she extends her first.

  • Damage:

Public park, benches and bus stops must be treated with respect and anyone suspected of damaging public property will be dealt with swiftly and sharply

  • Affection:

Something as simple as a kiss or cuddle could lead you towards been arrested or sent to prison. So be careful.

  • Pedestrians:

Give way to pedestrians. Likewise do not try and cross the road where there isn’t a clearly marked crossing.

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