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Things to do in Puri

Things to do in Puri

Things to do in Puri

Puri is a famous tourist destination and pilgrimage spot in the state of Orissa in India. Nestled by the Bay of Bengal, it attracts thousands of travelers every month. There are plenty of things to do in Puri which makes it a popular tourist destination. It is known for rich historical tradition and diverse culture. Tourists should make a proper plan of the various things in Puri to have a nice and highly satisfying trip to this holy city.

To have a fun filled trip, you need to have an idea of the ideal time of coming to Puri. Usually, the summer months are quite hot and humid. The ideal time when you can visit the city is in the autumn, winter and spring seasons when the weather is pleasant with mild temperature and less rainfall.

If you are religious minded, you need to visit the Jagannath temple in Puri. It is a famous temple and is visited by thousands of pilgrims each day. Offer your worship to deity Jagannath and also visit the nearby temples like Shree Lokanath Temple, Bedi Hanuman Temple, Shree Gundicha Temple, Chakra Tirtha Temple, Shankaracharya’s Gobardhan Pitha and so on.

If you like bathing in the azure waters of the Bay of Bengal, Puri is an ideal place. Lots of tourists bath in the sea. However, be cautious of the waves and do not venture much into the deep sea. The beach in Puri is also an excellent place to relax. You can have a stroll at the beach.

Puri is surrounded by numerous places of Interest. You can go for day trips to these places like Chandrabhaga Sea Beach, Sun Temple of Konark, Chilika Lake, Japanese Peace Pagoda, Nandankanan and so on. The capital city of Bhubaneswar is also close by. Sightseeing tours are arranged by the local tourist board as well private travel agencies.

Accommodation is never a problem in Puri as it is home to numerous hotels. While there are beach resorts and deluxe hotels, there are also budget ones.

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