Granada restaurants are considered the best in the provision of sumptuous dishes. Furthermore, the rich history and delightful landscapes make the place more interesting. You should never miss the types of cuisines provided by some of the renowned restaurants around the city. The rich history has made the introduction of diverse dishes that anybody would want to try. This article will list some of the top-notch restaurants that give appealing satisfaction when it comes to food.

  1. El Mercader.

Situated 0.1 miles from the Royal Granada Chapel, the restaurant is ready to serve its customers. El Mercader will handle all your lunch and dinner reservation. Some of the diverse meals the restaurant offers are Spanish dishes, International dishes, and also Mediterranean dishes. For those interested in special diets, several dishes will suit their preferences such as Gluten-free meals, and also vegan options will be available. Whenever in Granada, be sure to hop into this restaurant for a great meal.

  1. Bar Avila. 

This restaurant is located 0.4 miles away from the Grand Granada Chapel. Bar Avila restaurant also hosts a bar where one can go and grab a drink. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to have free tapas whenever you order your beer. Some of the dishes provided are Mediterranean and European dishes which are sumptuous. The bar is very lively and is one that will make your experience fascinating. Based on the reviews, the food provided is cheap and they have friendly staff. If you’re looking for a small and comfortable place with full consideration of the Spanish culture, then Bar Avila will be your place.

  1. El Claustro. 

Located at the center of historical and monumental sites at Granada. The restaurant involves having your meals while having a view of the marvelous courtyard of the convent which has been in place since the 16th century. The dishes provided entail the local touch with a bit of modernization making the food sumptuous and appealing. The restaurant is convenient for those travelers who would like a soothing dining moment with fewer distractions, and only work of art to look at.

  1. Tajine Elvira. 

One of the best restaurants to celebrate the Asian impact on Spanish culture. The prices are relatively low and you can bargain if you feel uncomfortable with the set prices. You’ll also find traditional beverages together with a special dessert in the restaurant. Tajine Elvira is home away from home with a serene environment full of splendor.

  1. El Deseo.

This is another restaurant that will leave your experience full of satisfaction. El Deseo is a modern restaurant where you’ll find most of the modern meals. Some of the meals provided include meat, fish, pizza, and pasta. Meals are traditional but given that modern touch giving the meals a sumptuous taste. The restaurant has both outside and indoor suites which will be used in coordination with the prevailing weather conditions.

These are some of the best restaurants in Granada that you will need to visit any time soon. Spanish meals are always fantastic, and it will be better if you tried them out yourself.

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