Why divers should go to the Deep South of the Red Sea

Whenever the topic of Liveaboard diving in Egypt comes up among divers, a name that is always highly spoken of is undoubtedly the Red Sea. Diving through liveaboards in Red Sea’s warm bathing water is enough to take away all your stress.

One of the best highlights in the Red Sea is St John’s Reefs with is situated on a Deep South of Egypt. This outstanding destination includes some terrific coral walls and gardens offering a mix of both soft and hard coral formations. On a lucky day, one can also encounter creatures like the grey reef, hammerhead and thresher sharks, and other predatory fish such as mackerel, barracuda, and jacks. Deep South is also famous for dolphins that will definitely join you while you dive or snorkel.

Another site on the South is the Fury Shoal which provides the divers with plenty of tunnels, caverns, overhangs, swim-throughs and caves. Divers will also have fun exploring the wreck of Tug Boat.

The perfect site for people who love the divine events of marine life is the Zabargad Island, another featuring spot in the South. During summer months the turtles come to lay eggs on the beach here. The island is surrounded by stunning coral-filled slopes and pinnacles perfect for drift dives. Zabargad also has a wreck of a Russian spy ship “The Khanka”. The ship is 75m long and because it was a spy ship no information is provided about it. Which makes this mysterious ship the center of attraction for wreck lovers.

The southern part of Red Sea is best for liveaboard diving vacations in the Red Sea during the whole year. As the temperature of the south part ranges from 24 °C to 30 °C throughout the year, South itineraries are always comfortable to come to. However, you should understand that the months of May and June are much hotter. The perfect timing are spring and fall. The season of autumn and winter will give you the opportunity to watch Thresher sharks. Hammerheads can be also seen when big congregations of females are attracted to the south. Manta ray and whale shark can also be seen at St. John’s in the months of April and May.

Due to the diving conditions it is optimal to have certification level equal to PADI AOWD or CMAS** when going on a liveaboard diving vacation to the South of the Red Sea to have a perfectly safe and fun-filled experience.

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