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Add Safety to the Agenda: Savvy Security Tips for Business Travelers

When you are planning your next business trip you will have plenty of things to occupy your mind such as scheduling meetings and making travel arrangements, but you also need to find time to think about safety at home and where you are headed.

Here are some suggested safety strategies that should be on your agenda if you want to reduce the prospect of a security-related incident while you are traveling, including a reminder to think about the place you are leaving behind, a tip to protect your personal data, plus a sensible strategy when something does go wrong.

Security begins at home

Spending any period of time away from your home puts it at greater risk and the last thing you want is to come back to face a problem or deal with an incident from a distance.

A home alarm system is an obvious security option if you are away from the property for periods of time, so consider installing a system and having outside security lights fitted too, which can do a good job of deterring intruders before they attempt to get inside.

Liaise with your neighbors or a friend who can check on the property and pick up any newspapers or post so that it doesn’t advertise the fact you are away.

Watch the Wi-Fi

An integral part of business travel is spending hours at an airport terminal waiting for flights and the temptation is to kill some time by firing up your laptop and doing some work.

Be careful about connecting your device wirelessly in a public place as hackers have an easy task of setting up dummy wireless connection points and collecting valuable personal data from anyone who uses their facility.

Always look for legitimate Wi-Fi points at airports which are clearly signed and offer you a connection to a protected network. You don’t want to compromise your personal security at any time so be wary of any wireless connection that you can’t verify.

If you are staying at somewhere like the African Pride Hotels by Marriott there is always the option of connecting to a reliable Wi-Fi when you get there and your efforts to catch up on emails at the airport might have unfortunate security consequences if you are not vigilant.

When you need help

Even if you are a seasoned business traveler it can only take a momentary lapse of concentration or a distraction to see you part with your valuables if someone has targeted you.

Having your passport or wallet stolen can be a complete nightmare at any time but when you are in a different country it poses a series of major logistical challenges.

The best course of action if you do get your passport stolen is to head straight to the nearest consulate and seek their assistance in getting you a new passport and reporting your theft to the local authorities.

You might have business on your mind when you head for the airport but it often pays to think about security too, so that you reduce your risk and have a strategy in place to deal with a problem.

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